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Located in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil, Florianópolis is affectionately nicknamed “Magic Island” or simply “Floripa” by the locals. Although the city’s metropolitan area is home to over a million residents, Floripa is also famous for its undeveloped areas. Breathtaking shorelines and spectacular beaches are mostly found on the Island of Santa Catarina. This island off the coast of the Brazilian mainland holds half of the city’s land area, with many available luxury vacation rentals for your accommodation.

Most of the Florianópolis’ high-rises and other urban developments can be found on the mainland side of the city. The island, on the other hand, boasts impressive landscapes and seascapes that serve as a backdrop for a variety of sports and recreational activities for visitors. This includes swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, to surfing, paragliding, and sandboarding.

Straddling the two parts of the city are the modern Colombo Salles Bridge and Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge. North of them is the Hercilio Luz Bridge, which is no longer open to motorists but continues to brightly illuminate the cityscape at night. Inaugurated in 1926, this bridge is even older than San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and is today a defining feature of the city’s skyline.

The most popular beaches are found on the northern part of the island. Attracted by the warm waters and abundance of popular hotels, luxury resorts, and dining choices, people flock here during summertime. Meanwhile, the eastern and southern coasts, especially Campeche, draw fewer beach enthusiasts—ideal for those seeking a more laidback vacation atmosphere.

In the center of the island is Lagoa de Conceição. This shallow, salty lagoon is a great place to go kayaking, while the surrounding sand dunes make for a perfect sandboarding destination. Excellent shops, restaurants, and bars also abound in the region. Over to the western side of the island, the charming Azorean fishing village of Riberão da Ilha can be found. With its quaint Portuguese-style structures and friendly populace, it is definitely one of the island’s most remarkable hidden treasures.

Visit Florianópolis today and enjoy the best of Brazilian urban and island lifestyles. Experience life in a place where the magic of the tropics is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Book one of Villaway’s premier villa rentals now.