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6 Villas found
Villa Sepoi Sepoi
from $ 869 / nt
16 6 6
Villa Anandita
from $ 957 / nt
15 4 5
Villa L - Lombok
from $ 748 / nt
10 5 6
Malimbu Cliff Villa
from $ 743 / nt
8 4 4
Joglo House Lombok
from $ 770 / nt
6 3 3
The Beach Joglo - Lombok
from $ 539 / nt
4 2 2


Visitors looking for less crowded spots and roads less traveled in Indonesia would be well advised to set their eyes on Lombok, often referred to as Bali’s sister island. Long eclipsed by its iconic neighbor across the sea, it is finally coming into its own as the next big paradise island destination in Indonesia. Many of the natural and rural wonders that can be found in Bali are also present on the island, but Lombok definitely features a distinctive cultural heritage that it can call its own.

A majority of the indigenous Sasak people of the island adheres to Islam, although Hinduism and Buddhism also play a significant role in the inhabitants’ way of life. Today the Balinese residents of the island and a minority of the Sasak people practice Balinese Hinduism. Thus, both the minarets of mosques and the towers of Hindu temples punctuate the island’s landscape.

Just slightly smaller in size compared to Bali, Lombok is blessed with an array of attractions. From its pristine waters, luxury beach resorts and breathtaking surf breaks to its beautiful hiking trails and verdant inland landscapes, it is truly brimming with tropical charm. It is also home to the mighty volcano, Mount Rinjani, which rewards visitors with warm hot spring baths, sights of waterfalls, and beautiful views of the volcanic caldera.

South of Lombok you will find magnificent secluded beaches that are frequented by surfers for their spectacular breaks. Conversely, the Gili Islands off the west coast offer fantastic snorkeling sites with vibrant marine life and crystalline waters.

The island is likewise a great place to buy pearls, particularly the precious golden pearls from gold-lipped oysters. And if you’re done with your sightseeing and shopping, what better way to end the day than to enjoy a massage?  Although Bali’s Ubud is more popular when it comes to its spa facilities, make sure to also try out Lombok’s own traditional massage, which is offered by Sasak women in many tourist areas.

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