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from $ 16170 / nt
10 4 4
Mediterranean View

12 6 5
from $ 7392 / nt
11 6 6
Ulysse - Provence
from $ 5000 / nt
12 6 6
from $ 6468 / nt
16 7 7
Villa Blue Escape
from $ 11285 / nt
12 6 6
from $ 3812 / nt
14 7 7
Chateau Ventoux
from $ 8959 / nt
32 15 15
from $ 4736 / nt
14 7 7
Villa La Tropezienne
from $ 4118 / nt
10 5 4
Villa Semaphore
from $ 3314 / nt
16 8 10
Le Panoramique - FR

10 4 4
Riviera Glamour
from $ 3100 / nt
12 6 7
from $ 3608 / nt
10 5 5
Chateau Loire et Vienne
from $ 4583 / nt
24 12 10
Pineapple Palms

13 7 7
Fleurs de Provence

18 10 9
Chateau Molyneux
from $ 4983 / nt
25 13 12


About France

In planning your French sojourn, you’re not alone.  France is the most visited country in the world, with nearly 84 million visitors in a recent year.  

France is the home of haute couture. In 1858 Charles Frederick Worth established the first couture house in Paris. Today, the tradition remains in full force, with the houses of Chanel, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, among many others.  

France is also revered for its world-acclaimed artists, such as Monet, Degas and Gauguin.
French food is renowned worldwide and once you’ve sampled some of the dishes, it’s easy to understand why. In fact, food has become such an integral part of French culture that UNESCO placed the 'gastronomic meal of the French' as its list of intangible human culture.  

Luxury France Vacation Homes

Our luxury vacation homes in the many regions of France come in many variations to accommodate anything from a romantic getaway to a destination wedding to a corporate event. With luxury holiday villas ranging in size from 2 bedrooms and 2 baths all the way to 18 bedrooms and 18 baths, our dedicated concierge staff is sure to find the perfect property for you.  

In our France vacation villas, you can expect such luxury amenities are private pools and hot tubs, tennis courts, built-in seating with views of the surrounding natural wonder, pergolas with al fresco dining tables, lush landscaping and breathtakingly beautiful views of city, sea and mountains.  

Indoors, expect traditional architecture with a mix of modern and antique furnishings and elegant decor.  Multiple living spaces and private bedroom sanctuaries with luxurious bathrooms abound. Dual vanities, oversized showers with double rain heads and Jacuzzi tubs are common. Professional kitchens are a joy to the group chef, providing all the tools necessary to create a culinary masterpiece, including superior appliances in stainless steel.  Among the electronic conveniences are home theater rooms, HDTVs, surround sound and WiFi.

To See and Do  

Paris, in all its beauty, history and romance, simply must be experienced on your trip to France. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre-Dame are iconic experiences. For the lighter-hearted fun-seekers, Disneyland Paris is sure to provide wonderful family memories.