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Modernistic Masterpiece Mansion in Tarzana
from $ 3000 / nt
12 6 5
Classic Spanish Estate With Modern Sophistication
from $ 2500 / nt
6 7 12
Beverly Hills Mountain Escape
from $ 2300 / nt
12 6 5
Castle at the Grove
from $ 1695 / nt
10 5 6
Modern View In The Hills
from $ 1522 / nt
8 4 4
Midcentury Treehouse
from $ 1495 / nt
8 4 4
Crescent Modern Retreat
from $ 1375 / nt
8 4 5
Hollywood Hills Celebrity View
from $ 1195 / nt
8 4 3
Beverly Hills Oasis
from $ 1357 / nt
8 4 5
Los Feliz Serenity Villa
from $ 1078 / nt
12 5 4
X-Modern Zen
from $ 2199 / nt
10 5 4
Luxury in theĀ Hills
from $ 5900 / nt
12 5 8
The Alexander Residence
from $ 2794 / nt
6 3 4
Villa Sierra- That Pink Door
from $ 1665 / nt
8 4 4
Sand Acre Estate
from $ 1469 / nt
8 5 4
La Chureya
from $ 1562 / nt
10 5 6
Beverly Hills Luxury Manor
from $ 2495 / nt
14 7 8
Beverly Hills Entertainer
from $ 1333 / nt
4 2 3


California Villas for Rent

California features some of the most sought-out luxury vacation destinations in the world. Villaway's collection of California villas is unrivaled in quality and in quantity. Families, business travelers, and vacationing students prefer to stay at one of our many luxurious California vacation rentals.

Some of the typical amenities included in most of our villas in California include complimentary wi-fi, private pools, numerous bedrooms & bathrooms, built-in laundry, and well-equipped kitchens. You can also use our complimentary concierge services to order additional services such as a private chef, a masseuse for your entire party, private transportation services, and much more.

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California Vacation Guide

Gleaming gold mines once attracted a slew of eager Americans to settle in California, allured by the whispered promises of bountiful riches waiting to be unearthed. Since the Gold Rush, the state has flourished into a world-class vacation destination, where the treasured landscape has radiated into a rich cultural diversity, varied topography, and industry meccas.

In 2014, an incredible 251 million tourists the Golden State – a testament to California’s sheer wealth of beauty and adventure. From luxurious private homes in LA overlooking Pacific Ocean views to Napa’s private villas surrounded by first-class vineyards, the California vacation experience brims with treasures.

Luxury Vacation Home Rentals In California

When affluent travelers picture their California getaway, images of palm-fringed coastlines, bright pink sunsets, and tanned skin surfers immediately come to mind. This picture-perfect scene draws visitors to Los Angeles – a Southern California city that epitomizes the luxury vacation experience.

Affluent visitors choose to stay in a private Beverly Hills vacation home, indulging in an extravagant California holiday nearby the world’s most celebrated entertainment figures.

California Beach Rentals

Beachcombers and surfers find a wide array of California villas in LA's famous beach towns. From Venice Beach to Santa Monica to Malibu, these vacation homes are popular summer choices for affluent travelers seeing a California vacation with an ocean view.

For an equally luxurious atmosphere paired with laid-back Southern California vibes, travelers head south to San Diego. This California city is a premier vacation destination for families, surfers, and well-off visitors who seek a beachside holiday.

The most discriminating San Diego vacationers choose La Jolla, where luxurious villa rentals overlook Pacific Coasts, neighboring first-class restaurants, and a slew of upscale shops.

Whether planning a Los Angeles holiday to discover the world’s foremost entertainment-industry mecca, or visiting San Diego for a relaxed beachside vacation, these Southern California vacation destinations cater to travelers yearning to experience the sun-drenched Pacific coastline.

California Holiday Travel

A drive up the Pacific Coast Highway reveals the spectacular riches of California’s varied terrain; stretches of deep blue sea give way to quaint beachside towns, verdant forest, and treasured wine country. This scenic drive calls to adventurous travelers who are eager to unearth the diverse experiences that abound on a California vacation.

Although the total duration of a Pacific Coast Highway road trip is just ten hours, tourists often veer off route to plan weekend stops in coveted California vacation destinations. Spend some time in pristine Palm Springs’ luxury villa rentals, where midcentury modern architecture, desert stretches, and upscale resort & spa facilities offer a welcoming environment for extravagant California living. From scenic shorelines in Santa Barbara to rugged coastlines in Big Sur, a California vacation greets visitors with otherworldly natural wonders.

What Los Angeles means to surfers and sun-worshippers, San Francisco means to cultured travelers and architecture enthusiasts. The birthplace of many historic movements, San Francisco is brimming with cultural daytime activities, offering treasured landmarks throughout its eclectic neighborhoods and densely populated streets.

With close proximity to Silicon Valley, this famous California vacation destination often lures business retreats to congregate in upscale private vacation homes and San Francisco luxury villa rentals, filled with enticing and plush amenities that foreshadow the potential of a Silicon Valley start-up.

If you can exchange sunny days in Southern California for a blanket of fog overhanging this exquisite city, you will quickly understand why San Francisco holds a worldwide reputation for tourists seeking a luxury vacation in Northern California. Take a San Francisco trolley tour over steep city hills, or bike ride to Golden Gate Park for panoramic vistas; a host of adventurous daytime activities away you in this staple California vacation destination.

Drive from San Francisco to Napa Valley – a premiere California vacation destination that attracts wine connoisseurs, foodies, and affluent travelers in search of upscale accommodations and scenic views. This renowned California wine country features fertile soils and ripening grapes that birth world-famous Cabernet Sauvignon and the exquisite wineries are remiss of countryside castles.

Booking a California villa in Napa means freedom to visit all the wine tours you wish to visit. While many daytime activities center around wine tasting tours, Napa Valley is also home to upscale spas and resorts and gourmet restaurants, epitomizing a luxury vacation experience available to California visitors.

A week of sun-drenched leisure on Southern California beaches, touring the eclectic and historic neighborhoods of San Francisco, relaxing in luxurious Palm Springs spas, or wine-tasting in world-famous Napa Valley; it’s easy to see why California attracts so many affluent travelers to discover its rich bounty of experience.

Whether staying in oceanfront luxury vacation rentals that frame Los Angeles beach towns, booking the midcentury-modern villas in beautiful Palm Springs, or residing in an urban luxury rental to explore San Francisco’s colorful metropolis, Villaway features the best vacation rentals to launch an upscale California vacation. Book one of our California villas today and start planning a luxury vacation experience to America’s famous Golden State.