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El Munt
from $ 1223 / nt
21 10 11
Valencia Design
from $ 1801 / nt
5 3 2
Masia Mas Peirot
from $ 684 / nt
14 6 5
Gracia House
from $ 755 / nt
8 4 3
La Perla - Barcelona
from $ 714 / nt
4 2 2


Thanks to its rich culture and amazing sights, Barcelona has long been renowned as one of Spain’s most famous and celebrated cities. As the capital of the autonomous community of Cataluña, it has developed its own unique culture and is rich in traditions distinct to the region. Visitors to Barcelona will immediately witness the one-of-a-king spirit of this world-class city, simply by exploring the bold and beautiful streets, impressive architecture, and repurposed luxury villas.

Much of Barcelona’s beauty is a result of a rich two-thousand-year history. The towering temple columns, smooth city walls, and stone corridors provide a view into Roman-era Barcino. The same can be said as you wander past the 14th-century cathedrals that showcase the later period of Gothic-era architecture. This has in turn inspired artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, whose works are proudly displayed in the city's museums.

For a great walking tour of Pablo Picasso’s art, check out the Picasso Museum Experience. In this walking tour, follow an experienced tour guide and discover the places where Picasso himself studied, socialized, and nurtured his distinguished and world-famous painting style. You can also go straight to the Picasso Museum to view its magnificent collection of the great artist’s works.

To experience the raw richness of life in Barcelona, take a trip to La Rambla, a broad pedestrian boulevard that's crowded with street hawkers, pavement artists, mimes, and living statues. While here, visit the Mercat de la Boqueria for a culinary adventure, where a wide variety of food choices tantalize the senses. There's a rich bounty of fruits, vegetables, seafood, sausages, cheeses, meats, and sweets to satisfy your cravings. It's also worth visiting La Sagrada Familia, a gorgeous medieval-style cathedral. Despite being unfinished, it attracts over 2.8 million visitors per year and is one of the most visited monuments in all of Spain.

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