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With its alluring beauty, it’s easy to see why the island of Corfu in Greece was named after one of Poseidon’s beloved wives, Korkyra. But more than just a pretty sight, this fortified island piques its guests’ interest with its luxury beach resorts, colorful history, and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

With a distinctive past marked by power struggles among civilizations, the island’s landscape is dotted with strategically located castles and fortresses. While serving as a bulwark of the European states against the sieges of the Ottoman Empire, Corfu became the most fortified place in all of Europe. In fact, Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Corfu Town, was designed to repel invading forces. This section of the city features narrow, labyrinthine streets paved with cobblestones and an artificial fosse or moat with a saltwater ditch at the bottom. Outside the city, the old Byzantine castles of Angelokastro, Kassiopi, and Gardiki, also served as important strongholds in the past.

If you prefer unique luxury vacations, you can attempt to reach the peak of Mount Pantokrator. Here, you will behold beautiful panoramas of Albania to the east, Diapontia islands to the north, plus the Paxos and Antipaxos islands to the south. A cultural tour should begin in one of Corfu’s many museums and galleries, such as The Archeological Museum, The Museum of Asian Art of Corfu, Banknote Museum, and the Kapodistrias Museum. For a musical treat, head to Corfu Town’s promenade and listen to the summer concerts of the philharmonic bands that call the island their home.

Of course, the island features many pristine beaches, all of which are popular tourist destinations. Among the most well-known are the shores of the affluent town of Glyfada, the indented coast and azure waters of Paleokastritsa, and the beaches of the traditional fishing village of Kassiopi. The island also has an 18-hole golf course located about 17 kilometers from Corfu Town.

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