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Chateau Molyneux
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Villa Royale - France
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Bastide Vallat
from $ 2556 / nt
14 7 6
Domaine de St Remy
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Bastide Fantasy
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Les Chavelles
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Mas du President
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Bastide St Martin
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Notre Dame
from $ 2209 / nt
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Villa Ramatuelle

14 6 6
Le Collectionneur
from $ 2490 / nt
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Provence Villas & Luxury Vacation Rentals

Imagine lavender fields that sprawl across the landscape, melting into sun-dappled olive groves and glistening white sand beaches framed by Mediterranean Sea. Now picture a magical canvas filled with snow-capped mountain peaks, rolling vineyards, and meandering backcountry roads. A drive through Provence reveals itself as a Matisse painting come to life, with a landscape that holds otherworldly natural beauty. It’s little wonder then that it remains one of France’s most cherished regions, filled with myriad luxury vacation experiences to please the itinerary of any affluent traveler. Throughout this spectacular region, luxury vacation rentals in Provence enhance the beauty that luxury vacationers will find throughout the destination with upscale amenities and modern creature comforts. Whether planning a romantic getaway, a food-based tour, or a family vacation, these extravagant private vacation homes provide the best of Provence to affluent travelers from across the globe.

Discover and Enjoy Exclusive Villas In Provence

Many holiday travelers book Provence vacation rentals nearby Les Alpilles – an expanse of mountains that sit nestled between the Rhone and Dirance Rivers. Les Alpilles an iconic Provence vacation destination for elite tourists and world-wary celebrities, boasting a beautiful topography and a variety of upmarket facilities that please the mot discriminating travelers. If you’re looking to explore the famous Provence gastronomical traditions, there’s no better place than Les Alpilles. Here, olive oil production, world-class vineyards, and upscale restaurants all underscore Provence’s renowned culinary scene. Many private vacation homes can be found nearby St. Remy de Provence, a coveted Provence region that is home to world-class restaurants that serve up five-star repasts worthy of their price. Les Alpilles also pleases history buffs with Glanum’s Roman ruins, where tourists can explore relics of an ancient city.

The Luberon Mountains call to other affluent travelers with an adventurous spirit and affinity for awe-striking scenery. Grand Luberon features Buoux – a village that pays homage to Medieval times and a desired vacation destination that lures tourists to travel back to a historic period. Other vacationers exploring Grand Luberon will find breathtaking scenery in Saignon, leaving their Provence luxury villa rentals to drive through its meandering back country roads and soak up the delightful vistas. Other affluent travelers are attraction to Le Petit Luberon, also renowned for its majestic mountain scenery, world-class vineyards, and vast stretches of iconic Provence agriculture.

Once the heart of Roman Catholicism, Avignon is a coveted Provence vacation destination that attracts visitors seeking a breadth of history and natural beauty. Many tourists rent private vacations homes in Avignon during the month of July, when its annual arts festival inspires with world-class collections. No matter what time of year you travel to Avignon, this central Provence vacation destination offers architectural wonders, upmarket restaurants, and luxurious boutiques for consumer-minded vacationers in search of shopping daytime activities. Perhaps the most notable landmark in Avignon is the Palais de Pape – a World Heritage Site and formidable Gothic palace that pays homage to Avignon’s history as a Roman Catholic mecca. Whether searching for culinary-based daytime activities, historic tours, or shopping adventures, it’s little wonder that so many Provence vacations choose to book private vacation homes here.

Provence has long been one of France’s most desired vacation destinations, and for good reason. Whether hosting an elaborate dinner affair in St. Remy de Provence, exploring the Luberon Mountains, or touring the historic streets of beloved Avignon, the region is rife with multiple luxury vacation experiences to please any agenda. The best way to explore all that this cherished region has to offer? By booking a stay in one of the privately-owned Provence villas. Choose from Villaway’s list of Provence private vacation homes today and start preparing for an unforgettable luxury vacation experience in an iconic region.