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Villa Volpe
from $ 2118 / nt
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from $ 1666 / nt
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Belvedere - Italy
from $ 995 / nt
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from $ 1432 / nt
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Villa Molara
from $ 1261 / nt
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il Porto

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Casa dei Lentischi
from $ 513 / nt
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The fact that Sardinia is an autonomous region within the already regionalist Italian republic speaks volumes about its uniqueness. Situated on an island that is separate from Lo Stivale—the boot-shaped Italian peninsula—Sardinia has, for centuries, developed a cultural heritage that is truly singular in character. The most apparent difference is the language spoken by the native Sards. Unknown to many visitors, Sardinian is actually a separate branch of the Romance language family that is distinct and unintelligible to other Italians.

Sardinia’s unique appeal is also reflected in the varying landscapes found on the island. Here you can find magnificent mountain ranges bathed in the coolness of continental climate conditions. Descend into the coastal regions, however, and you’ll get to experience Sardinia’s balmy Mediterranean environment.

Some of Sardinia’s beaches are legendary for their lavish and pristine aesthetics. Costa Esmeralda, for instance, is home to sumptuous hotels, luxury resorts, and luxury vacation homes. It is a favorite playground of wealthy yachtsmen, who are drawn by the captivating cruising waters that dazzle with their turquoise, aquamarine, and cobalt blue hues. Beach lovers and travelers escaping the chill of Northern Europe also gather in other beaches like La Cinta, Chia, Cala Gonone, La Pelosa, Santa Maria, La Maddalena, and Tuerredda.

Inland, the island is equally as stunning. Forests sit side-by-side with grazing lands, which nourish Sardinia’s more than 4 million sheep. Also scattered all around the island’s interior are the more than 7,000 nuraghi, which are ancient megalithic defensive structures built by the Nuragic civilization between 3,900 and 2,700 years ago. While you’re in Sardinia, also make sure to visit the Roman and medieval attractions in ancient towns like Alghero, Cagliari, Oristano, and Sassari.

Lose yourself in the exceptional natural splendor and rich cultural treasures of Sardinia. Book one of Villaway’s villa rentals today and experience a luxury vacation like no other in one of Italy’s most beguiling destinations.