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19 Villas found
Une Villa A Paris
from $ 3001 / nt
10 5 5
Le Monceau, 8eme
from $ 3001 / nt
8 5 4
Le Grandiose
from $ 2233 / nt
8 4 4
Le Panoramique
from $ 2581 / nt
8 4 3
Fabulous Champs Elysees
from $ 2281 / nt
8 5 4
Fantastic Triplex Rooftop
from $ 1706 / nt
6 3 2
Duplex Square Saint Lazare
from $ 1243 / nt
5 3 3
Le Jardin De Luxembourg
from $ 1165 / nt
6 3 3
Le Grand Bleu
from $ 1026 / nt
6 2 2
L Appart Rue De Seine
from $ 1026 / nt
5 2 2
L Atelier
from $ 852 / nt
4 3 2
Rue des Saints-Peres
from $ 660 / nt
6 3 3
Rue du Four
from $ 660 / nt
6 3 3
L Ecole Militaire
from $ 798 / nt
6 2 2
Le Victor Hugo
from $ 786 / nt
6 3 2
from $ 720 / nt
4 2 2
Le Triomphe
from $ 522 / nt
6 3 2
L Appart Des Brocanteurs
from $ 684 / nt
5 2 2


A melting pot of culture, cuisine, and art in all its forms, Paris, France is an ultimate luxury vacation destination for first-time and seasoned travelers alike. Here, a short walk along the busy streets is a feast for the senses, a simple museum tour is all it takes to view the world’s most famous artworks, and every single meal is as steeped in history as it is in flavor and aroma.

But before stepping inside museums and galleries to view their private art collections, take some time to appreciate the beauty that the public can freely experience: famous Parisian structures, parks, and gardens. There is the iconic Eiffel Tower along with a number of the world’s most ornate palaces that have been turned into some of the finest museums, theaters, and churches. The include the iconic Louvre, the Palais Garnier Opera House, and Musee d'Orsay. For added convenience, a selection of villas for rent are found in numerous quarters throughout the city’s historic streets. In addition to its enticing destinations and picturesque architecture, Paris is often considered the fashion capital of the world; it serves as a gathering place and home to many of the world’s leading stylists, fashion houses, cosmetic brands, and producers of luxury accessories and bags.

The City of Lights tantalizes more than just the sense of sight; it also brings one’s palate to new heights. Considered as the culinary center of Europe, Paris is home to over 9,000 restaurants and 9 of the 29 Michelin 3-starred restaurants in the entire country. Here visitors will find at least one restaurant that represents a distinct regional French cuisine and almost every national cuisine in the world. Food tourism in Paris is, in fact, so popular that you can easily find myriad tour establishments that specialize in giving their clients a unique gustatory exploration of the city.

The extent of Paris’ offerings can only be understood through a visit to this iconic city, whose romantic ambiance and vibrant culture pair to offer an unforgettable experience to everyone who walks its streets. Experience this enchanting journey yourself by booking a stay in one of Villaway’s luxury vacation homes in Paris, France today.