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Villa las Arenas
from $ 1500 / nt
10 4 3
Villa Dos Vistas
from $ 1600 / nt
8 4 5
Vista de los Peces
from $ 800 / nt
10 4 5
Casa Stella
from $ 6000 / nt
24 10 8
Villa Yvonne
from $ 4500 / nt
12 6 4
Villa Turquesa
from $ 5500 / nt
28 9 7
Villa Pacifica
from $ 4400 / nt
10 5 4
Villa Bellissima
from $ 4350 / nt
16 8 6
Villa Captiva
from $ 4150 / nt
12 6 4
Dos Casas
from $ 4875 / nt
30 12 9
Hacienda Villa 11
from $ 3995 / nt
8 4 3
Villas del Mar 62 Las Entradas
from $ 1779 / nt
10 4 3
Villa Lands End
from $ 3080 / nt
16 7 5
Villa Mestre at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach
from $ 3675 / nt
16 6 4
Villa Tranquilidad
from $ 3568 / nt
16 8 6
Casa Bellamar
from $ 3250 / nt
18 7 5
Villa Las Rocas
from $ 2995 / nt
22 7 5
Villa Cielito
from $ 3700 / nt
16 7 5

Cabo San Lucas

Explore Luxury Vacation Rentals & Private Villas In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas holds a longstanding reputation as a premiere Mexico resort city for a luxury vacation destination, famed for the Baja California Peninsula’s tropical beauty. It maintains a high ranking on Mexico’s list of popular tourism districts, and for good reason. In addition to its 70,000 residents, the destination also attracts a flood of vacationers every year, allured by sugar-sand beaches and the blue-green Sea of Cortez, the idyllic weather and ample sunshine, and a world-class nightlife. Whether you choose the luxury villa rentals sitting just steps away from fantastic snorkeling sites or brilliant scuba diving expeditions, or are hosting a group retreat in beachfront private vacation homes, an endless number of activities and adventure awaiting your enjoyment.

Discover and Enjoy Five Star Experiences In Cabo San Lucas

Located at the tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas originated as a charming fishing village, soon to be discovered and converted into one of Mexico’s top-five vacation destinations. The sea brims with rich and colorful underwater marine life, providing unrivaled snorkeling sites as well as world-class scuba diving expeditions to adventure-driven travelers. Medano Beach remains a popular Cabo San Lucas destination, with sugar white sands that frame the sparkling sea. As a famed tourist spot, Medano Beach boasts numerous luxury villa rentals, oceanfront resorts, and private vacation homes, appealing to luxury travelers launching daytime activities that revolve around the beach and sea. After a tanning session and beach-bar snack, enjoy the watersport facilities that abound on Medano Beach. From parasailing and jet skiing to kayaking exploration, Medano Beach enjoys multiple opportunities for exhilarating ocean-based adventure.

Lover’s Beach remains a tourist favorite for its sublime seafront beauty, nestled amidst distinctive rock formations in a distant cove. But don’t let the name fool you – Playa del Amor is not lover’s lane. The beach attracts a diverse and consistent stream of visitors – you will seldom find a moment alone here. Ironically, the nearby Divorce Beach boasts much more secluded shorelines – but beware – the waters here are not safe for swimming. Eager travelers who can manage to leave their luxury villa rentals early in the morning should head to Palmilla Beach, where they will witness the iconic Palmilla Fleet setting sail at 7 A.M. While you’re there, spend a morning exploring snorkeling sites, scuba diving in its placid and protected waters, or relaxing on sandy shorelines. Playa Chileno is another great snorkeling site, with expansive sea waters brimming in colorful marine life. Fringed in palm trees, this family-friendly has shallow tide pools perfect for safe swimming.

Cabo San Lucas travelers who plan a luxury vacation during the winter months enjoy the marvelous vistas that whale season has to offer. It is at this time that pods of whales are known to breach the waters’ surface. After making a long distance migratory trip from Alaska and Siberia, they inhabit the Gulf of California’s warmer waters to bear their calves. But it’s not just the white sand beaches and blue green sea that attract the nature lover’s heart; with a lush inland terrain, active vacationers can participate in numerous daytime activities to discover its multifaceted landscape. From zip lining across treetops in a haze of kaleidoscopic greenery or horseback riding through the desert, to invigorating ATV bike rides across wild and unspoiled terrain, Cabo San Lucas is a premiere Mexico vacation destination to plan daytime activities filled with outdoor adventure. End the afternoon by visiting the distinctive El Arco de Cabo San Lucas – the destination’s famous landmark. This three-story rock formation is found at Cab San Luca’s southern tip, marking the border between the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California. And with beautiful sea lions congregating around the formation, the arch is a favorite tourist attraction for spectacular ocean vistas. After a day of adrenalin-rushing fun, head back home to a luxury villa rental to enjoy a leisurely evening at home.

And when the sun goes down, the water sports and daytime activities transform the destination into a colorful hub of vibrant and animated nightlife. It is little wonder that this Mexico vacation destination attracts a slur of spring breakers and luxury travelers looking for indulgent evenings, with an abundance of clubs and bars that please the most avid party-goers. From high-end establishments serving a artisan cocktails to the colorful bars and nightclubs that buzzing with live music and endless streams of bear, many tourists gladly exchange a night of sleep in luxury villa rentals to taste the bustling Cabo San Lucas nightlife. Guests who rent private vacation homes nearby Downtown Cabo area with find themselves in close proximity to a slew of world-famous nightlife offerings.

Villaway offers a wide range of options when it comes to Cabo San Lucas’ private vacation homes, catering to any luxury traveler’s agenda. Whether you’re plan a week of leisurely beach days by the aquamarine Sea of Cortez, hosting a family retreat filled with exhilarating daytime activities, or wish to throw away your inhibitions in renowned Cabo nightlife scenes, we provide the perfect launch pads to rent for your next vacation.  Our list of properties features Cabo San Lucas’ best luxury villa rentals. Book a private vacation home today through Villaway and start planning unforgettable retreat to this famous Mexico vacation destination.