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Gleneagles Chalet
from $ 842 / nt
10 5 6
Chalet Nicklaus
from $ 635 / nt
10 5 5
Saath Vineyard Villa
from $ 880 / nt
4 2 3
Chalet Trappeur
from $ 528 / nt
11 4 4


Luxury Vacation Rentals & Villas In Canada

From affluent travelers looking to explore world-class cities filled with diverse culture, to adventurous vacationers seeking vast stretches of wilderness and enchanting coastlines, Canada is replete with coveted vacation destinations. Throughout the country, luxury villa rentals offer the perfect complement to any Canada holiday, enhanced with upscale amenities and contemporary creature comforts.

Discover and Enjoy Exclusive Villas In Canada

Canada’s famous cities include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, just to name a few urban metropolises that attract droves of tourists to visit their cultural and historic sites each year. Toronto is a hot bed of multi-cultural neighborhoods, where vacationing travelers will hear more than 140 languages mingling in city streets. Upscale restaurants abound throughout the city, and modern architectural designs underscore the city’s affinity for international business. Montreal is a dream come true for affluent travelers seeking a taste of Europe in North America; the city come to live with a French-English cultural duality and dynamism. Many affluent travelers book luxury villas in Canada's majestic Montreal to explore a wealth of creativity, from rich culinary creations in upmarket restaurants to exquisite art galleries and museums. Across the country, Vancouver enchants tourists with eclectic neighborhoods, exquisite architectural wonders, and the sprawling surroundings of British Columbia’s natural beauty.

In addition to its world-class cities, Canada is rife with vacation destinations that please adrenalin junkies and outdoor adventurers. Sprawling stretches of wilderness in British Columbia offer majestic snow-capped mountains, rolling river rapids, and dramatic shorelines. Many discerning travelers choose to tour the Rockies’ famous national parks, book private vacation homes along the Sunshine Coast, marvel at the Kootenay’s profound natural beauty, or host winter adventures at Whistler’s luxury ski resorts. These Canada vacation destinations offer a limitless bounty of outdoor daytime activities for their guests, including skiing and snowboarding, hiking and cycling, kayaking and even dog sledding.

No matter what brings you to Canada, the country features an endless list of enchantment to please any affluent traveler’s itinerary. Whether you desire a luxury vacation experience in internationally renowned cities filled with upscale offerings and cultural diversity, or an outdoor adventure surrounded by sweeping vistas of snow-capped mountains and sun-dappled meadow lands, the country intrigues and inspires. The best way to explore this beautiful country? By renting one of the luxury villas in Canada, where lavish accommodations complement any retreat. Enjoy the ultimate luxury vacation experience in this sprawling North America gem. Choose from Villaway’s list of private vacation homes today and get ready for an unforgettable Canada adventure.