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Great food, breathtaking sights, mild weather — these three things are exactly what you will find when you plan a vacation to Mallorca in Spain. Set in the Balearic Islands, an archipelago right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this popular island destination is sure to satisfy your need for a slow-paced luxury vacation completely void of the stress of daily life. The island’s capital city, Palma de Mallorca, offers a perfect balance of culture and a relaxed seaside atmosphere. It features formidable structures that have withstood centuries, houses that fostered renowned artists, and many fine museums. And with its numerous dining and drinking outfits, the lovely city ensures you will find the perfect seafood paella that will stay in your dreams long after you’ve left the island.

Most of the tourists choose to stay by the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters in the eastern and southern coast of the island. As a result, these places can get a bit crowded during peak seasons. Those inclined to spend their holidays in a quieter atmosphere should be able to find secluded coves and shores on less traveled routes.

Aside from Mallorca’s renowned reputation for water-based excursions, the city offers a wide assortment of inland activities for tourists and locals alike. Cycling is a popular pastime and several professional teams practice on the island’s roads. Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain chain that runs along the northwest coast of Mallorca, offers some of the island’s most scenic views. Explore these lovely vistas by hiking, biking, or renting a car and taking a leisurely drive. And while you’re at it, drop by the towns and cities along the way and embark on a culinary adventure that offers an unparalleled and authentic taste of this world-class region.

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