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Villa Authentique
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Villa Antoine
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Villa Di Fiori
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There is much debate as to where the name of Corsica in France was derived from, but the island’s moniker, Island of Beauty, speaks volumes of the bounties that await all who visit this remarkable destination. Located right at the heart of the Mediterranean and its maritime routes, just west of the Italian peninsula and southeast of the French mainland, Corsica offers a singular blend of culture, lovely port towns and picturesque villages, and terrains that will captivate adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Set between snowcapped mountain peaks and sandy shores, the town of Ajaccio is a typical first stop for tourists who want to engage in a colorful yet laid-back luxury vacation by the sea. The birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte, this town has museums and galleries dedicated to displaying the French political and military leader’s memorabilia and family documents. On the other hand, Bonifacio, a well-preserved fortified town set on a limestone cliff, highlights a maze of medieval lanes and old houses, Romanesque and Gothic structures, beautiful beaches, and luxury beach resorts. These towns are just two of a long list of destinations that offer various stunning views and immense historic, artistic, and cultural value.

Corsica will also please travelers seeking a retreat filled with an abundanace of natural beauty. Bouches de Bonifacio, an unspoiled expanse of wilderness located on the southern section of the island, is home to over 300 species of plants, different species of birds, and a thriving marine ecosystem. Another option is Désert des Agriates, a vast landscape with shrub lands, arid and agricultural plains, and rugged coastlines and sandy shores. One can also choose to undertake the GR20 trail which traverses the island from north to south.

With so much to explore in Corsica, it takes careful planning to enjoy the best this island has to offer. Begin today by choosing from our many luxury villas and booking your accommodation on this lovely island. Our luxury rental homes await your arrival.