Explore a true tropical fantasy in Barbados, a gem in the coral Caribbean islands. Let the beautiful weather in Barbados entice all your senses, and book a luxury home on the beautiful island to experience one-of-a-kind extravagance that would put even the best hotels around to shame. You’ll never feel as relaxed as when you return to the opulence of your rental home after a long day of water and sun adventure. Barbados boasts upscale culture, deep artistic roots and a thriving nightlife that will give you the option to spend your vacation doing a lot more than just going to the beach.

A magnificent boulder on the beach in Barbados. 

History, Arts & Culture
A volcanic eruption created the beauty that is Barbados, and we don’t know about you, but we’re sure happy it did. There is no question that it is the beautiful people of Barbados are what make tourists want to visit the island again and again. The welcoming and intimate culture in this Caribbean island is unparalleled created by the warm friendly souls of the local Barbadians, referred to as Bajans. Learn about the culture of this island that Bajans take so much pride in through a number of cultural events and experiences offered to visitors. The Barbados Food & Wine & Rum Festival spans four days in the fall and features delectable flavors of popular food and alcohol you’ll love trying. Just a few weeks later in December, experience the Barbados Film Festival and see some of the best-unfound cinematic masterpieces around. Every May to August, enjoy the Crop Over Festival. All-day street celebrations create this long-lasting fest that commemorates Barbadian dance, art, craft and folklore.
Explore plenty of art galleries in Barbados such as Gallery NuEdge, Gallery of Caribbean Art and Tides Gallery, and find contemporary and traditional-styled island pieces that a true joy to observe.

Bridgetown Promenade on the waterfront in Barbados.

Outdoor Adventure
Become mesmerized in the blue-green glimmer of the ocean when you spend days at the beach laying out and sipping on a tangy margarita. Bottom Bay, Foul Bay and Soup Bowl top the lists of best beaches for surf, swim and relaxation. Adventure in the island’s Animal Flower Cave boasting sights of the majestic ocean scenery. Check out Harrison’s Cave in Central Barbados where you can experience a scenic drive tour ending at the cave and set your sights on a glistening 40-foot waterfall.
If you’re near Soup Bowl for the killer waves, stop by Andromeda Botanic Gardens and be entranced in the exoticness of plants that grace six acres of soil.

Boats on the beach in Barbados. 

Fine Dining
When you’re looking to grub, you'll be happy to know that Barbados has an array of fine dining establishments you’ll leave raving about. Head over to The Tides Restaurant located outdoors right on the water. Elegant table arrangements boast a sophisticated atmosphere and the divine seafood is guaranteed to please. Share The Tides Seafood Tower for two and get a little taste of everything or try the Spicy Red Thai Curry Powder and be amazed. One of the island’s most acclaimed establishments, Daphne’s Restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy a fancy meal. Contemporary design and a spacious seating area are featured in this restaurant known for its extensive wine listing and lots of choices for vegetarian diners. Overlook the ocean blue and feel the sea breeze as you dine in luxury at Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar. Stop by for lunch, dinner or dessert and have your choice of decadent dishes offered such as ceviche, spiced pork tenderloin and warm creme brulee.

The waterfront in Bridgetown in Barbados.

Nightlife & Entertainment
After you dine out, continue the fun on into the night, Barbados-style. Take a romantic sunset cruise or rent out a private night boat tour with Action Charters and experience mother nature’s beauty right on the water in from of you.
For a little more party fun, check out Harbor Lights for an extravagant all-ages dinner show or fun dance party. Let the tropical music consume dance all night at the beach party or enjoy the amazing entertainment at Harbor Lights sure to keep a smile on your face all night long. Swim with turtles on the shore of Ju Ju’s beach bar that will fill you with great mixed drinks, appetizers and tropical vibes.

A stunning sunset on the beach in Barbados. 

There is so much to be done and seen in Barbados. Why not spend your vacation in the stylish elegance of one of our luxury villas in Barbados? It’s a no-brainer. See, do, explore, and feast in paradise all with the comfort of a beautiful vacation home to start your days and spend your nights.