“A summer in Europe” has a certain charming ring to it, but, as most travelers have found, the reality is more like aggressive foreign crowds, poorly air conditioned cafes, and rampant pickpockets. That’s why Marbella, the gorgeous beach town in the South of Spain, is such an incredible undiscovered European gem. With one of the most temperate climates in all of Europe, travelers can enjoy this gorgeous city without ever craving AC, or shivering under a parka. A huge mountain named La Concha protects the twenty-four kilometers of beach that line Marbella from the cold in the winter, and the heat in the summer. This sheltering mountain has made Marbella the ultimate beach lover’s paradise.
Drink in the city’s renowned art. A little known fact is that Malaga is actually the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. It’s fitting then, that the region would actually have a fairly impressive collection of museums. There’s The Picasso Museum, the Museo Carmen Thyssen, and The Contemporary Art Center, all top-notch museums. There is also a new offshoot of Paris’ Pompidou, housed is a gorgeous glass building that has collections like Ernst and Kahlo, sent from the Paris Pompidou. Arrange private viewings and tours of these great museums for a first-hand look at the greats, as well as local southern Spanish art.
Take advantage of the Spanish culinary revolution, whether you’re hiring a local chef or eating out at the Michelin Star awarded Tragabuches, make sure to take advantage of the incredible tapas, daring spices, and fresh seafood that Marbella is known for. Our top picks for restaurants to hit up during your stay includes Palo Cortado, a hyper-modern building near the bullring that specializes in fish, and El Refectorium, an upscale Tapas house. For those travelers who have opted to stay in private villa rentals, Marbella is filled with top-notch, local chefs and kitchen crews who will cook in-house.
Explore the town from a beachside home base. More and more these days, high-end travelers are opting for private villa rentals or luxury vacation home rentals. Hotels can’t accommodate the level of personal services that many luxury travelers desire, and they do not have the same level of personal comfort that a private home offers. Marbella is filled with palatial, beachfront luxury vacation villas that often come fully staffed, and provide the ultimate in luxury. These homes showcase the best in various types of architecture, and frequently come with infinity swimming pools and stretches of private beach. What beach lover could resist?
Food, gorgeous homes, and incredible art aren’t even close to everything this city has to offer. Travelers can take advantage of local shopping while wandering the cobble stone streets of the city of Marbella, a town that has lost none of its essential Spanish charm, or sample local treats while walking along the boardwalk.
Since Marbella is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, it also offers ample opportunities for water sports. Luxury travelers can rent yachts, go scuba diving, take a dip in the waters of a private beach, or even go kayaking.
This gorgeous beach town can be an absolute paradise if done right. Take advantage of everything it has to offer, and enjoy a blissful beach holiday.