One thing about food in Hawaii is that it can be expensive if it has to be imported to this remote archipelago of islands. This makes it all the more important to savor local fish and seasonal fruits which are particularly delicious in the summer and fall harvest seasons.

Fresh fruits to buy and take back to your vacation home on Maui include ripe mangoes. You know they are ready when the green skins take on a red or yellow tinge of color and they smell delicious! Be daring and try dragon fruit, passion fruit and papaya. If you don’t like them cut up and served in a dish, add them to a smoothie with bananas for a healthy breakfast shake.

Local restaurants on Maui are the best place to enjoy ahi tuna poke and musubi. You can also enjoy shaved ice cones and sweet guri-guri, a Maui traditional delicacy of frozen strawberry or pineapple sherbet served in a paper cup with a spoon.

Luau Buffets on Maui

Luaus combine a culture show of singing and dancing with a buffet of local cuisine. It’s a great way to try new foods such as Luau Pig, a suckling pig cooked in an imu underground oven. The tender, tasty meat is served shredded  with side dishes such as sweet potatoes, macaroni salad, poi, lomi-lomi salmon and sweet desserts featuring local fruits.

Close to your vacation villa rental in Wailele on Maui you will find a good choice of luau buffets in the main hotels and resorts. The Royal Lahaina Resort puts on a splendid dinner show with a topnotch buffet which will be a highlight of your stay in Maui, for sure. Other nearby locations for top buffet dining on Maui include the Wailele Polynesian Luau and Maui Nui Luau at Black Rock.

Fast Food on Maui

If you want a tasty snack, Da Kitchen is a Hawaii icon close to many vacation villas on Maui. There are buzzing locations in Kahului and Kehei, thanks to the belly-busting portions of great tasting food. Their particular specialty is fried spam masubi, a slice of cooked spam served on a slab of rice bound together with nori seaweed, a bit like a giant sushi. Enjoy it with soy sauce or teriyaki sauce either hot or chilled.

Other excellent dishes include massive Polynesian Paralysis Moco (big enough to feed a family) which includes salty bacon, Lakua pork, tempura fish and a thick gravy/sauce. For lighter appetites, Da Kitchen Burger is equally unforgettable.

Top Restaurants in Maui

Ferrero’s Bar e Ristorante is an Italian restaurant attached to the Four Season Resort at Wailea. You are probably paying for the view at this fabulous restaurant with sea views, live music and outdoor tables right on top of the bluff. For lunch, try the mouthwatering lobster sandwich or a classic pasta dish.

More great ocean views can be found at the slightly more affordable Sea House Restaurant which is convenient for vacation villas in Napili. It specializes in Hawaiian seafood, so start with the award-winning poke fish nachos and move onto the spice-crusted aho or catch of the day.
With so many excellent places to dine, often within strolling distance of your luxury villa in Maui, you will definitely want to repeat your Hawaii vacation.