Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Island. Her Majesty’s territories in the Caribbean are a stunning mixture of mountains, beaches and surf that is very far removed from gloomy Britain. However, you will be able to find some British essentials like fish and chips, and a polite ‘good morning’. Enjoy unrivalled tropical sunsets that drip into the sea from the beach. Or join the majority of travellers who come to anchor their yachts in the sparkling sea. World renowned as a hot spot for sailing, Enjoy steady winds, protected bays, gentle currents, as well as pirate ship bars. Tortola is the perfect place to play out your pirate fantasies.

A boat on the beach in Tortola.

Tortola is filled to the brim with quaint little wooden houses, unique shops, eclectic cafes and even an art gallery or two. But the main draw is the stunning beaches of this Caribbean oasis. The popular local spot, Smugglers Cove, may be hard to get to, but it is worth a cab ride to see this remote paradise. Some say that it is the best beach on the island. Hire a car to take you down bumpy little dirt roads to the white sands and pristine waters. Get there early for your own choice slice of the beach. Sip a cocktail on the sands thanks to the small stands there selling beverages. As a languid day of sun worshipping unfolds, you will feel like you have found paradise. Another perfect palm fringed beach is Brewers Bay. Here you can enjoy a blissful beach with superlative snorkelling. It is also much more tranquil than other beaches in the area. Finish off your exploration of Tortola’s natural wonder by visiting Sage Mountain. It is well worth a hike to see the spectacular panorama of the whole island. Sage Mountain is the highest peak in the Virgin Islands, so you can see incredibly far out into the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Watch in awe as the sun plays off the sparkling waters and lights up verdant green island jewels in the vibrant ocean.

The stunning emerald islands of Tortola. 

The classic way to view Tortola is from the sea. Leave the crystalline shores far behind and embark on your own-chartered boat. BVI Yacht Charters an excellent choice. The private crew will pamper you, if you choose not to charter a boat yourself. You can relax in luxury and comfort as your every need is taken care of. All you have to worry about it enjoying the feeling of salty sea air on your face, and the heart melting view of the ocean. As they whisk you away to idyllic islands, perfect beaches, and even beach bars. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail as you are serenaded by the steel drums playing in the background, and get into the spirit of the Caribbean. The more adventurous cannot miss the perfect opportunity to learn how to sail at Tortola Sailing School, one of the best places to learn how to surf in the BVI. Whatever your starting point is they will teach you how to sail, with a whole team dedicated to your learning. If you fancy a trip beneath the waters after riding around on top of them all day, then scuba diving in Tortola is second to none. Learn to scuba with Sail Caribbean Divers, who have over twenty years of experience and excellent dive equipment.

The luxury villas in the hills surrounding Road Town in Tortola. 

The best thing to eat while you are in Tortola is the seafood. Gorge on lobster and fresh fish like you’ve never had it before, just seconds off the boat. You can find seafood delicacies being cooked up everywhere, but for a special meal out try Bananakeet Café. Not only does this fine dining gem serve delectable Caribbean fusion, but it also sits high up on Windy Hills, giving it sunset views to die for. Enjoy a ‘sundowner’ shot as you watch the sky turn pink and start to melt. Gaze out over the stunning mountains and the ethereal sea as you enjoy seafood specialties. Go there on a Sunday for the special “Pimms” cocktail brunch. To finish your relaxing vacation, you need to fully unwind in a luxury spa. One of the very best is Amara Spa, which offers incredible couples massages, so take your loved on with you.

See the super rich's toys in the marinia in Road Town. 

Whether you decide to stay on the island and view its natural wonder, sail away to sea, or enjoy the Caribbean charm of Road Town in Tortola, you will experience a tropical vacation unlike any other - topped off with delicious seafood and breath taking sunsets.