As everyone who has been there will testify, Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place with lots of things for you to do. One of the keys to any vacation is getting amazing food. There’s a fair share of places in this popular getaway for foodies go love, so we are sharing our expert picks for the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas, The Office
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The Office

Fancy a dinner on the beach? If you’re in Cabo San Lucas, The Office is the go-to spot if you’re looking for some delicious food and sea water washing up against your feet. Yes, this restaurant is literally on the beach.

The restaurant offers free valet parking and because this is an open-air restaurant, there is no air conditioning. The gentle breeze from the sea will provide you with all the cooling you’ll ever need. Don’t underestimate the ‘wow’ factor of sea water hitting your feet while you enjoy a perfectly cooked dish.

The food served here is some of the best in Cabo. The wait staff is friendly and will take great care of you. If you’re looking for a truly fulfilling meal then check out the stuffed lobster (a generously-sized dish). Make sure to order the Caesar salad - it is prepared right in front of you, which feels quite special.

Los Tres Gallos Restaurant
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Los Tres Gallos

Los Tres Gallos is a lovely family-run restaurant that offers a great variety between seafood and traditional dishes. The restaurant has outdoor seating and is decorated as if you were having a holiday meal at a family member’s house. This makes this Cabo restaurant’s ambiance warm and inviting.

The Mexican food offered at the Los Tres Gallos is the real deal and consists primarily of family recipes. Check out the mini tostadas which are served in generous proportions, making it great for sharing. It consists of a fish, shrimp, and pulpo – delicious! The Chile relleno here is cooked to perfection – perfect batter, not greasy topped off with delicious cheese and sauce.

Los Tres Gallos is a quaint restaurant and that gives it its great atmosphere. Go here and you’ll feel instantly at ease. The friendly English-fluent wait staff will be happy to serve you.

El-Peregrino Restaurant
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El Peregrino

Looking for some good old steak to satisfy your cravings? Visit the El Peregrino and prepare to experience a unique Mexican take on this American staple.

Simply order ‘the steak’ if you’re looking for a satisfying meal. It comes with a delicious sauce that has a semi-bold flavor and makes you look forward to your next bite. Please note that sometimes the steak will not be as cooked as you might have imagined, so check it immediately as it’s served and the wait staff will be happy to have it cooked a bit longer if you desire.

For dessert, you should try the flan. While not everyone out there is a fan of flan, El Peregrino’s version of it is worthy of a try – it’s a decadent choice.

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