Cabo San Lucas is a piece of paradise on Earth, as anyone who has traveled there will confirm. It’s an excellent city for couples who are interested in getting out and about to explore local activities. We have curated the activities that are the highlight of this city, so if you’re planning a Cabo getaway with your significant other, here’s how you can make it truly memorable.

Sunset Mona Lisa - Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas
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Enjoy a Couple’s Dinner at Cabo’s Most Romantic Restaurants

If you’re traveling with your significant other then you absolutely must have a couple’s dinner at one of Cabo’s most romantic restaurants – the Sunset Mona Lisa. You may think of a romantic restaurant as having a cozy ambience and incandescent lighting but the Sunset Mona Lisa takes the term ‘romantic restaurant’ to a different level.

Situated near the ocean with a terrace that offers oceanic view tables, the Sunset Mona Lisa will provide you with an atmosphere and ambience few restaurants in the world can match. If you want to have guaranteed ocean view seating, you’ll have to make premium table reservations beforehand. This restaurant is popular so make your reservations as early as possible.

The food served here is familiar and cooked to perfection. The wait staff is friendly and while it can get busy, they will give you a good estimate of when your food will be served. The portions are perfectly sized for a healthy dinner.

For the appetizer try the fried calamari and for the main dish get the lava rock grilled filet. The taste is delicious and the tableside presentation (it’s actually served on a slab of lava rock) seals the deal.

The restaurant has ‘sunset’ in its name for a very good reason – when the sun is going down you’ll see it set behind the mountains. This makes for a spectacular view which coupled with the ocean shimmering in the dimming sunlight provides a romantic dinner experience like no other.

Scuba Diving in Cabo, San Lucas
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Schedule a Snorkeling / Scuba Diving Adventure for Two

Cabo San Lucas has a lot to offer if you and your partner are sealife enthusiasts. You can encounter a wide variety of interesting fish at Santa Maria Cove. The waters are clear enough that a snorkeling excursion will provide numerous opportunities to see ocean’s inhabitants up close.

Before scheduling a scuba diving adventure from an agency, make sure that the people running the agency are actually knowledgeable and passionate about sea life. Cabo Trek, located in Boulevard Marina is a fantastic agency that offers a variety of water adventures and sports.

Phillip, the general manager at Cabo Trek is very accommodating and will do his best to cater to your personal requests. If you opt for scuba, you’ll be in good hands – the divers are masters at their craft and some are even marine biologists. The people who run Cabo Trek are genuinely passionate and respectful of underwater life. While diving, you’ll come across beautiful creatures such as mobula rays, sea horses, moray eels, and schools of other colorful fish.

If you are in Cabo between January and March you can also go on a whale watching tour with Cabo Trek. This is a once in a lifetime experience that allows you to get up and close with one of nature’s most majestic animals.

ATV Tour in Cabo, San Lucas
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Go on an ATV Tour and Explore the Beach and Desert

If you’d like to go on an activity that will give you (and your partner) a nice adrenaline rush, then simply go on an ATV tour and explore the beach and nearby desert. ATVs are a fun way for couples to break away from ‘quiet’ activities like walking on the beach, having a meal, or simply strolling around the city..

Cactus ATV Tours offers a variety of outdoor activities that range from off-road tours on ATVs to camelback rides along the beach. The tour guides are friendly and will often give you insider stories about the adjoining areas. The ATV tour features a mix of desert and beachside riding, so you’ll get to ride exhilarating and calm terrain both in a single day.

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, you can also opt for a tour of the beach on the back of a camel. The camels can easily seat two people, so you and your partner can enjoy this relaxing experience together.

Note: Most people will tell you that you don’t need prior experience to drive an ATV, but that is not entirely true. Motorcycle riders will have no problems adjusting to an ATV’s controls while others will take some time to adjust.

Bonus Recommendation

Traveling can be an exhausting experience, since you will spend a lot of energy on exploring and doing activities. We recommend that you get a relaxing massage (Eden’s Spa is excellent in this regard) at least once to enliven your body and get you ready for the next day.

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place that offers nearly everything you could hope for in a romantic getaway. From world-class ocean view dinners to exciting desert rides in an ATV, you’ll have an experience that sticks with you for a lifetime.

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