Maui offers plenty of sensational snorkeling opportunities. It is not uncommon to see people go here several times a year just to get their snorkeling fix. But where in Maui should you go to for the best underwater views? That’s exactly what we’re going to be answering below in our picks for the best snorkeling experiences in Maui.

Ahihi Bay Maui
Image Credits @nina10003

Ahihi Bay

Ahihi Bay is one of the best snorkeling spots in Maui and it is perfect for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. Ahihi Bay is all about snorkeling, as you really can’t find a beach here.

The coral reef you’ll experience here is ‘alive’, and if you venture out to the right (towards the ocean), you’ll come across mounds of living corals and thousands of fish. The water here is also very clear, making it easy to spot the diverse species of marine life. Sea turtle sightings are also quite common off the Bay.

As mentioned earlier, Ahihi Bay really isn’t a beach, and should be treated primarily as a snorkeling spot. Remember to bring lots of sunscreen and slippers (as you’ll have to walk across a lava field). Parking is available, and there isn’t much distance to cover on foot after you’ve parked.

Chang’s Beach MAui
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Chang’s Beach

If you’re in the mood to go to a quiet but exciting place for your next snorkeling experience, consider heading to Chang’s Beach. Not many people know about it, but that’s part of what makes it such a gem.

The first thing you need to know is its location. Simply enter “5034 Makena Rd.” into your GPS and follow the route. You’ll arrive at a house, across which is a dirt parking lot. From here on, ask locals for directions to the beach. You really have to be at Chang’s Beach to see the appeal of it. For the ideal snorkeling experience, check to see if there are any snorkel boats in sight – they’re a sign the conditions are good.

Once you are underwater, expect to swim alongside manta rays, sea turtles, and reef sharks. There is no shortage of amazing marine life here and when you finally return to the beach, you can have it all to yourself.

Honolua Bay Maui
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Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay has traditionally been one of the best snorkeling spots if you’re on the west side in Maui. Perhaps not as inconspicuous or mysterious as Chang’s Beach, it still offers an amazing variety of fish and is generally a beautiful area to be in.

The walk to Honolua Bay can talk some time from where you park along the main road up through West Maui. Like Ahihi, Honolua Bay is primarily a snorkeling spot, and there’s no beach in the surrounding areas. It’s simply a huge bay and you can quickly get away from other people if you want!

Our tip would be to skip boats and snorkeling trips and go underwater by yourself. There are plenty of shops around that carry snorkeling gear and don’t forget to load up on sunscreen while you’re there. Underwater, you’ll experience nothing but paradise, with diverse marine life and a lot of coral.

Remember, this list only scrapes the surface of all the exciting snorkeling opportunities that Maui has to offer. However, the above-mentioned snorkeling spots will definitely quench your thirst for adventure and marine life. Start your Maui adventure on the right foot by booking one of our beautiful Maui villas today!