Every single island in the Bahamas offers the luxury traveller a panorama of turquoise seas and cerulean skies. The vibrant hues of the seascape are matched only by the bright smiles of the local people and the fragrance of the fresh seafood. Visit this white sand paradise, where the sand is so soft that it caresses your feet as you wander down the beach, and you will see why there are so many World Heritage Sites in this eco oasis in the Caribbean Sea.

A stunning aerial view of the Bahamas. 

There are a staggering number of islands that make up the Bahamas, over seven hundred, with more than two thousand cays. This gives the Bahamas its distinctive and diverse nature. There are over five hundred miles of idyllic white sand beaches, each attached to an individual island, with its own fascinating culture and history. One of these beaches is the place where Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas. Discover your own slice of paradise on a perfect beach in the Exumas, Abacos or Eleuthera, where you can spend all day on the sun-drenched sands, or swimming, snorkelling and paddling in the temperate waters. Spend the day on the surf and find fantastic fishing opportunities in the abundant waters off Bimini, the Berry Islands and Andros. If you are looking for excitement then a visit to the lively casinos and nightclubs in the historic Nassau and Grand Bahama Island is on the cards.

Colorful houses line the shores in the Bahamas.
Start your trip to the Bahamas by visiting the great historical port of Nassau. History seekers will love visiting the Jacobean mansions here like Sunbury Plantation House and the 260-year-old Graycliff Hotel, which was founded by a buccaneer. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is also worth a visit. Here displays of real peg legs will transport you back in time to when Nassau was swarming with pirates, before Governor Woodes Rogers expelled them all from the island in 1718. Cultured foodies should visit the Mount Gay Rum Distillery to sample the local libations. The best way to experience Nassau is to rent a limousine from Bahamas Experience Limousines & Tours and cruise around the island in style. Nassau is also famous for its duty-free shopping so make sure that you stop off in Nassau downtown for a relaxing stroll and some retail therapy. To the west of downtown is Nassau Fish Fry at Arawak Cay. Here you can find the freshest fare that the Bahamas has to offer, all located along the pristine waterfront. You will find truly authentic Caribbean cuisine in the vibrantly colored restaurants with outdoor patios where you can enjoy your catch right by the sea. For a more elevated dining experience try Sapodilla, one of the best restaurants in the Bahamas. If you happen to be visiting Nassau during Christmas then make sure you experience the annual Junkanoo parade. This unique celebration has its roots in plantation-era ceremonies and West African traditions, locals flood down Bay Street, dressed in brightly colored costumes and making quite some noise with drums, bells and whistles.

Pigs swimming in the Caribbean Sea. 

Tour the Bahamas with your taste buds, and celebrate the fresh seafood that is on offer. One of the best places to get huge portions of lobster, grouper and snapper is Smith’s Point Fish Fry on Grand Bahama. Hire a driver to take you to this infamous local spot. Be prepared to wait in line for the fresh fish fried up in a charming wooden shack. Go for dinner and stay for the traditional dancing that takes place after. Another secret local hot spot is Elvina’s, which hosts a Friday night party in Gregory Town on Eleuthera Island. You will find this secluded shack packed with locals and travellers alike, all there for the tempting music performed by talented locals and travelling professionals. Keep an eye out for Lenny Kravitz, who is often spotted there. For the finest dining experiences, head to Paradise Island for some high-end cuisine. Dune is the first restaurant in the Bahamas owned by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and one of the best restaurants in the Caribbean. You will love the creative French and Asian fusion, placed next to local herbs and spices from the Bahamas. The food is matched only by the view of Cabbage Beach’s stunning sand dunes and the crystalline Caribbean Sea. Another top restaurant in the Bahamas is Nobu on Paradise Island. There are other Nobu restaurants around the world, but none quite like this one. Enjoy the intimate setting of a fabric-draped pagoda and dine on delicacies like conch served in yuzu, ginger and sesame.

A visiting cruise ship at port in the Bahamas. 

Get away from the cruise ships and the busy resorts by visiting the Bahamas’ Out Islands. Here you will find some of the best water sports and activities in the world. The Out Islands have long been renowned as a sportsman’s paradise. Here you will find a smorgasbord of snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, boating and diving experiences to tempt you into the big blue. Whether you want to explore lively coral reefs, the blue holes of Andros, and swim with wild dolphins off Bimini, or if you want to stay in the boat and fish for huge game fish, you will be seduced by the exotic beauty of this natural place. Hire a kayak to explore the rugged coastlines and creeks of the Out Islands, and watch out for both birds and wildlife as you paddle quietly through the mangroves.

A lighthouse on the Out Islands. 

The best way to discover the Out Islands is by island hopping. There are a variety of ways to do this in the Bahamas. Hire a private plane and pilot, or a helicopter, to take you up into the air. You will be treated to endless breath-taking views of the jewel-like sea. Or you could island hop by chartering a luxury yacht, from companies like Seas The Day located on Bimini Island, to take you from beach to beach in style. By Island hopping you can experience everything that the Bahamas has to offer. Go diving in Long Island or bone fishing in the Exumas, or get your adrenaline fix by kiteboarding. Visit the Iguana filled shores of Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, and the pink sand beaches of Harbour Island, or hunt for blue marlin in the Abacos Islands. Finish your adventure by visiting the famous Miss Emily’s Blue Bee on Green Turtle Cay on Abacos. The infamous goombay smash cocktail was invented here, and still lures in crowds of thirsty yachters and travellers. Taste the relaxed, sweet nature of island life.