Pristine white sand beaches encircle the tiny island of St Martin. It has a double identity as the smallest piece of land to be owned by two countries. France and the Netherlands have peacefully shared St Martin, or St. Maarten as they call it on the Dutch side. French St Martin is as remote and undeveloped as it gets. It is the perfect place to get away from it all. Stroll around the beautiful harbor, with its vividly colored boats and spectacular luxury villas built high on the cliffs. Rent a luxury villa in St Martin and experience the Caribbean like you never have before, far from the all-inclusive resorts and crowds, but with the same frozen cocktails that you love.

An aerial view of St Martin. 

Enjoy the surreal Mediterranean ambience of St Martin, reminiscent of a sleepy European fishing village. Let you taste buds in on the action too, as St Martin has some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean thanks to the French influence. For a spectacular breakfast go to La Samanna, where you can eat your eggs while perched high above Baie Longue, a silver slash of sand that is lapped by turquoise waters. The food is almost as good as the view.

The boardwalk in the unique little town of Marigot. 

Visit the towns of Marigot and Grand Case for some of the finest gourmet cuisine on the island. Head to the beachfront strip in Grand Case to experience the “Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean.” The ramshackle appearance at no way hints at the culinary delights that lie within. On the Marigot waterfront you can sit all day long and people watch in the true Parisian fashion. Find yourself a prime spot and enjoy French classics with a Caribbean touch. Or head to the beach to experience authentic Caribbean creole cuisine at a lolo, such as Rosemary’s tiny shack restaurant.  There are also fantastic shopping opportunities, so after lunch grab your bag and go shopping. Head to Passions in Marigot for designer clothes with duty free price tags. Or look around En Vogue for adorable home accessories. For a sensational selection of swimwear, check out the boutique Kaptiva. Before leaving Marigot make sure that you check out the Marigot Marketplace, a daily market selling aromatic spices that is one of the island’s signature scenes.
St Martin is home to the island’s best natural wonders. Although, some of the best wonders you will discover will be at the clothing-optional Orient Beach. The bounty of nature is present on the island of St Martin, everywhere you look are picturesque harbors, dramatic beaches and secluded rocky coves. Beaches are the main draw in St Martin, and it has over thirty-seven. Check out the beach bars and cafes dotted on the coastline. They often have delicious food with European and Caribbean influences. If you prefer to dive right in then go snorkelling in Orient Bay, where there is an underwater marine reserve. There are also other water sports available. One of the best places to go swimming is the west side of the beach at Philipsburg, which has beautiful water.

The stunning beaches of St Martin will astound you, such as these rocky outcrops on Cupecoy Beach.  

Boat charters are a popular pastime on this tiny island. You can explore the Simpson Bay Lagoon and its many marinas with Celine Charters, who also do a “lagoon pub crawl”. Or you can charter your own luxury yacht with Scoobidoo Charters to take you to the outer islands of St Barths, Anguilla, Saba and Tintamarre. Go there at sunset for truly spectacular views of the sun melting into the sea. If you prefer to explore by land then go on a guided Harley Motorcycles Tour, where you can sit back and ride you hog as you experience the sights, sounds and smells of this intoxicating place. The adventurous should check out Loterie Farm, where you can go ziplining or hiking through the stunning rainforest. Finish up your adventure with a meal at the Hidden Forest Café. If that’s not enough to get your heart pumping, how about a romantic horseback ride with Bayside Riding Club? You can even go into the water on your horse on this trek.
Whether relaxation is your goal or you are looking for action and adventure, St Martin has something for you. This remote and secluded island is the perfect remote getaway for those looking for sun, sand, solitude, and incredible food. Rent a luxury villa nestled in the cliffs overlooking the harbour and wake up every morning to the sight of the sun sparkling off the crystal waters of the Caribbean.