St Kitts and Nevis has double the beauty of any other luxury travel destination in the Caribbean. This two-island nation is resplendent with glorious beaches and verdant volcanic mountains, and it is also full of activities to try, with a deep history to discover. You can explore the remains of the sugar industry by visiting the plantation inns, which are now elegantly run establishments owned by eccentric characters. Everywhere you will find that the local culture is rich and friendly, and moves to the slow beat of island life.

The breath-taking view of Nevis from St Kitts. 

However, these twin islands do have their differences. St Kitts, the larger of the two islands, is busier and bustling with local commerce in the historic Georgian capital Basseterre, and it is presided over by the imposing Brimstone Hill Fortress, an UNESCO World Heritage Site known as “the Gibraltar of the West Indies”, which is a fully preserved display of eighteenth century military architecture. The British using slaves built this incredible fort, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the islands’ troubled past. Take some time to wander around this unbelievable site. There is even a party area full of bars on the gold sand beaches of Frigate Bay, with its calm waters and stunning views of Nevis in the distance. Whereas Nevis is the smaller of the two islands, being located on a single volcanic mountain, which you can scale on nature walks that take you to the very peak. Nevis is surrounded by beautiful beaches, and is fully remote, apart from the little capital, Charlestown. It is nevertheless seeped in the past, with famous figures like Alexander Hamilton and Horatio Nelson being part of the island’s rich history. On St Kitts and Nevis you will find every type of luxury rental villa, as well as fine dining, golf and gaming.

The beautiful rolling green hills of Nevis. 

Located only two miles apart, these stunning twin islands give luxury travellers an authentic Caribbean island experience. You will find yourself lost in the lively rainforests that hem the volcanic mountains, and on the deserted pristine beaches, where you can hike or go snorkeling or scuba diving. Purposefully lose yourself in the remnants of a vibrant history, and in the lovely Georgian capitals on the islands. Get lost in the luxury of the beautifully restored plantation inns that speckle the islands. Visit the Eden Brown Estate for a spooky experience at a haunted sugar plantation on Nevis. You could also get lost at sea, not literally, but by discovering the water activities on offer in St Kitts and Nevis. You will find fantastic sailing and deep-sea fishing, as well as incredible diving off St Kitts. And there are the perfect conditions for windsurfing around Nevis.

Pristine beaches line the rugged coastline of St Kitts and Nevis.

Spend the day exploring both islands by taking a Catamaran Party Cruise, which sets off from St Kitts to Nevis. You sail in a fifty-two foot catamaran while the music plays and the drinks flow, and taking the time to stop off for some incredible snorkeling and swimming in the cerulean waters. You finish your journey with a beach break on the secluded Nevis. Or tour around the island on foot with Sunrise Tours, which are led by environmentalist Lynell Liburd. You can choose between a gentle village amble or a arduous hike up Mt Nevis. If you are looking for an adrenaline fix then look no further than St Kitts Zipline Canopy Tour. Where you fly above the trees on cutting edge zipline apparatus. Get ready for some speed and incredible views. For a slower pace try St Kitts Rainforest Horseback Riding Tour, where you ride horses through the stunning St Kitts rainforest. You will be submerged in tropical vegetation and luscious jungle as you pass by old sugar mills and waterfalls. If you prefer to use your own two feet then trek the Upper Round Road. This road was built to connect the sugar estates, but it now winds its way past orchards, farms, gardens and tropical rainforest, where you can see monkeys swinging in the trees. It takes about five hours to do the whole loop, or you can do the short section. Or you could ride the St Kitts Scenic Railway Tour to see the stunning countryside. It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. The decadent railcars mean that you can see everything that St Kitts has to offer in the finest luxury and style.

The incredible view from the road in St Kitts. 

St Kitts and Nevis will delight all of your senses with its delectable Caribbean cuisine. For a truly authentic dining experience go to Coconut Grove, a thatched shack with all the charm of the Caribbean. The indulgent menu is not to be missed, nor is the perfectly chilled champagne on a balmy summer evening. For a historic meal go to the Hermitage Plantation Inn, which is set in an old plantation. Go there on Wednesday night for the legendary island pig roast. For delicious contemporary cuisine go to Spice Mill, which uses the islands’ many culinary influences to prepare fresh farmed and fished produce. For a Michelin-esque dining experience go to The Kitchen, where terrior driven cuisine is plated with refinement in a beautiful setting. After dinner it is time to sample the islands’ famed reggae music scene. Go to Sunshine’s for rum served with your reggae, and to the Reggae Beach Bar for late night nibbles like conch fritters.

The stunning coastline of St Kitts.

The beauty and charm of these mountainous emerald specks in the Caribbean Sea is matched only by the other sister island. St Kitts and Nevis offer real Caribbean charm and history, amongst golden stretches of sand and sweeping landscapes of verdant forests and lush mountainsides.