Picturesque mountains and the crisp white Mediterranean-style villa homes that litter the hillside of stunning Santorini, Greece are mirrored on the deep blue seas. Considered the diamond of the Greek islands, Santorini treats visitors to immaculate beaches, gorgeous Greek architecture, fine dining and world-renowned wineries. Shopping, photography and outdoor enthusiasts, rejoice! The charming small town of Oia in Santorini offers the very best in shopping, outdoor pursuits and breathtaking views. Santorini has it all and more; experience Grecian elegance at its finest.

The stunning town of Santorini at sunset.

The crescent shaped island is known worldwide as a top romantic luxury destination. Glittering sea views surround this volcanic island that will captivate all your senses, in a way that cannot be explained, it must be experienced. Enjoy an intimate private wine tour with Santorini Wine Tours, where you can taste all the best wine on the island. To make the most out of your wine tasting experience in this Mediterranean paradise, the educated sommelier will custom design the tour to your wants and needs. Take a tour of a different nature on the Aegean Sea, and feel the salty Mediterranean breeze on your skin from your own private luxury yacht. Sunset Oia Catamaran Company offers private yacht trips where you can see all the hidden wonders of the island from right on the turquoise seawater.

The cobalt blue rooftops of the architectural treasures of Santorini. 

As the sun sets on the horizon and the Aegean Sea starts to glow richly in the balmy night, enjoy the magnificence of Santorini’s fine dining scene. In the quiet island town of Fira, hidden in the corner of the island, you will find Koukoumavlos restaurant, a true diamond in the rough. Within what used to be an Eighteenth century sea captains home, Koukoumavlos has a certain romantic elegance while also boasting marvelous views of the Caldera. Not to mention the exquisite traditional cuisine. Another option is provided by Chef George Psychas, who has brought organic fresh ingredients from his farm in Fira straight to the kitchen, at the sumptuous Sphinx restaurant for nearly 30 years. Sit indoors amongst dim intimate lighting and elegant interior design, or outside on the multi-level patio where the view of the Aegean Sea will take your breath away. Have a glass of the island’s best pinot and enjoy an authentic Mediterranean meal that is a top culinary masterpiece. Try heavenly truffle fettuccine with mushrooms, porcini & mascarpone cheese or an Aegean red snapper fillet topped with a scrumptious sauce of tomatoes, garlic and capers. Fill your senses with everything that Santorini has to offer.

The beautiful coastline of Santorini. 

The street life in Santorini stays alive deep into the night, creating many options for activities after the sun goes down. Boutique shops fill Oia, and tourists enjoy some retail therapy after supper. Feel the warm summer breeze as you relax under the stars, while enjoying a romantic movie at the open air Cinema Kamari. Film choices change every few days. Guests can sip on a cocktail while cozying up under a warm blanket. If touring the island all day hasn’t completely worn you out, visit the Tango Bar, an outdoor nightlife experience you won’t want to miss out on. Dim candlelit lighting, elegant wood furnishings, and plush sofas create an ambience of ultimate laid-back sophistication in this chic spot featuring the best DJ bar on the island.

A donkey on the streets of Santorini. 

Whatever you choose to do in Santorini, rest assured you’ll be entranced with mesmerizing sea views and beautiful Grecian architecture, which create an atmosphere of the utmost relaxed refinement. The romantic retreat of your dreams is in Santorini. Make your vacation even more special with a private villa, and experience Mediterranean majesty you didn’t even know was possible.