Painted in hues of green and turquoise is the verdant island of Maui. Some of the world's greatest artists, musicians and writers have sought inspiration from its rainbow sherbet sunsets and teal cellophane seas. The second largest island in the Hawaiian chain, Maui is a beautiful and accommodating choice for every type of traveler. It not only has a broader appeal, but also sweeping geological formations and natural beauty. Its sacred sands draw people to its beaches while its warm waters cleanse and soothe. Because of its road systems, many of Maui's pristine coastlines can be seen by car or even from the comfort of your hotel room or villa. Driving along the captivating Road to Hana is an easy way to take in the enchanting waterfalls, tropical forests, ocean cliffs and breathtaking scenery. With several places to stop and hike, visitors can either be apart of the stunning landscape or simply admire it from afar. Maui is ideal for groups or pairs of travelers with different agendas, romantic getaways, and family vacations. Most of the island is accessible and easy to see, making Maui a magical vacation for all types of travelers.

 A stunning waterfall in Hana.

Adventures By Land And Sky
For those who seek some outdoor adventuring, there are several hikes that stray from the safety of city life, taking hikers into a magical, dreamlike world that can only be experienced on Maui. The Olivine Pools are natural emerald pools that are formed in the volcanic rock on the upper west of Maui. A moderate, downhill hike will lead you to natural swimming pools that no hotel or resort can match. In Maui, the sky is not the limit. Gaze upon Maui through the eyes of an angel and admire the breathtaking landscape with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tours. Utilized by some of Hollywood's most renowned film directors, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' aerial photography and filming has been used in films such as Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Tropic Thunder and many more. Much of the island's exquisite geology and natural formations can only be seen from an aerial view, giving visitors a rare glimpse into some of Maui's most untouched natural formations.

Aerial view of Maui's incredible coastline.

Peace By The Sea
Of course, what would an island vacation be without warm and sparkling, turquoise waters? Snorkeling is a popular pastime here, whether solo or in guided groups. Floating weightlessly through crystal clear waters, you can experience the colorful life of the shallows, with sea turtles and other creatures making welcomed appearances. If the seclusion of the open sea calls to you, there are several yacht and sailing charters available that will whisk you away on an oceanic adventure. From private charters and cruises, to deep sea fishing and sailing, spending your days on the glistening Pacific will calm the most restless of minds and even inspire those who are creatively blocked. Travelers can also experience Maui through outrigger canoeing, an ancient mode of transportation first bringing the Polynesians to the Hawaiian islands. During the wintertime, the protected waters between Maui and its neighboring islands attracts humpback whales. These majestic creatures can sometimes be seen from the luxury of your hotel room or villa. Whale watching boat tours are also available for a closer, more intimate view. Witnessing the magic of the humpback whale is a powerful experience that many return to Maui for, year after year.

The beautiful Big Beach in Maui. 

First Class Dining And Spas
With high-end restaurants as well as American chains and local eateries, dining can either be a new, culinary adventure or a familiar experience in a faraway place. An inexpensive and family owned institution since 1933, Sam Sato's is a local favorite serving some of the best breakfast and lunch on the island. Now run by its 3rd generation of Satos, this eatery is a great place to enjoy comfort food with more native and less visitors. Known for their super ono plate lunches and noodle bowls, Sam Sato's is the perfect place to taste some authentic, Hawaiian fare. Chef-owner Beverly Gannon's first restaurant, Haliimaile General Store, has been a frequented establishment for over 25 years. Known for her famous crab pizza and Asian duck tostada, Gannon's passion for creative recipes manifests itself into culinary bliss. With two dining rooms, guests have the option of sitting in the more boisterous front room or enjoying a quiet, romantic evening in the privacy of the back room. To rejuvenate the body and relax the mind, one may indulge at the Spa Montage located within the Kapalua Resort. With a luxurious array of spa treatments and packages available, what makes Spa Montage unique is its location. Situated on 5 acres of tropical bliss, visitors are swathed by the calming spirit of the indigenous flora. Spa Montage incorporates the powerful healing resources of the island using local ingredients from the West Maui Mountains in their spa treatments. Where luxury meets nature, Spa Montage will cleanse, heal, and invigorate.