Grenada is a beautiful and mysterious beach paradise, perfumed with nutmeg and ripe fruits. Your every sense will be awakened by the glorious natural bounty of this remote Caribbean island. This tiny speck in the southern hemisphere is only one hundred and thirty-three miles long, and populated by just one hundred thousand people. But Grenada has a wealth of discoveries for the intrepid traveller. Stunning green rainforest landscapes offer world-class hiking and exploring. Ravishing beaches beckon to sun-worshippers and the awe inspiring Caribbean Sea offers phenomenal sailing and diving. Experience the Caribbean at its most intoxicating. 

 The beautiful beaches of Grenada.

Feel yourself utterly immersed in the Caribbean way of life in the less developed Grenada, where you can skip the generic high-rise resorts for authentic island living. Rent a luxury villa in the picture-perfect little capital St George’s, or just steps away from the glorious beach and you will know that you are in one of the world’s most celebrated exotic locations. There are so few tourists in Grenada that you wont have to jostle for space on a crowded beach; instead you will have the whole beach to yourself. This is the place to go to get away from it all and feel totally secluded by the pool of your luxury villa rental. Grenada has all the conveniences of a luxury destination, you can have your private chef cook you up fresh seafood in your own villa, or you can try the eclectic restaurants on the island. The best food to be found is at The Beach House, which serves up delectable Asian Caribbean fusion. The charming wooden decks side a beautiful placid beach on Portici Bay, and you eat right by the sea surrounded by sea grapes and palm trees. Another restaurant right on the beach is Laluna, an open-air Italian restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. You will love this lively spot. Then head out to enjoy the fun nightlife. Most of the action takes place in the south-western corner of the island around the Grand Anse. Check out the popular Bananas, where the young people flock. For a more refined nightlife experience, head to Prickly Bay Marina, located in Grenada’s southern peninsula. This is a popular spot amongst ex-pats and yachties, and it gets busy on Friday nights when a live band performs.

Boats on the beach in Grenada.

The whole island has its charms. Venture into the rainforest at Grand Etang National Park, and trek to see an unforgettable waterfall, or sail around the stunning protected bays in the craggy southern coast where there are impressive wrecks and colorful reefs to dive, and even a surreal underwater sculpture park. Use Deefer Diving, a renowned local dive shop that does excursions to SVG’s Tobago cay. Or take the time to visit the sleepy north part of the island to experience the foodie wonders of a nutmeg factory tour at the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station, and River Antoine Rum Distillery, established in 1785 making it the oldest rum factory in the Caribbean. Everywhere you look, you will find the enduring spirit of Grenada. The native people are very proud of their island, and you will see flags and painted street curbs everywhere. It is easy to see why the people of Grenada love the place.

A stunning cascading waterfall. 

Visit St George’s, the capital, to see the cheerful vibrantly colored houses that are perched around a spectacular natural harbour, a rugged peninsula and the surrounding steep green hillsides. Charming church spires pierce the skyline. Have a lazy day strolling around this quaint little town, down narrow winding streets with cute cafes and unique shops. Pass by the Carenage, an adorable inner harbour, where red brick buildings reside over pretty little fishing boats. Hike up the hillside to visit the historic Fort George, a decaying building from British and French colonial time, which now acts as the Grenada police station. Climb to the top of the fort and from your high vantage point you will see a stunning panorama of the coast and the town. Find more history in the Grenada National Museum, which has some intriguing exhibits. Shopping in St George is incomparable. The Market in the north of the town is a immense covered hall, filled with stalls selling fresh spices. The aroma of the place is the main draw, as are the locally made nutmeg jams and vanilla essence. To see the market in full swing, go there on a Saturday when there are also vivid stalls overflowing with fresh produce and exotic fruit and vegetables that will intrigue any foodie. For more traditional souvenir shopping go to Young Street, which has lovely arts and crafts shops, such as Art Fabrik, selling incredible batik designs.
Grenada will enchant you with its charming character and beautiful beaches. Stay in a luxury villa rental to be fully enveloped in the welcoming culture and always just steps away from the sand.