Italy’s gorgeous wine country region is known for scenic hill towns, incredible wine and cuisine, beautiful beaches and countryside, and, of course, Florence. Although Florence is definitely Tuscany’s most well known city, it is hardly the only cultural destination in this breathtaking region. From Pisa, home of the famed leaning tower, to Siena, a medieval hill town with a fan-shaped piazza, to the Chianti Wine Region, there is absolutely no shortage of stunning destinations for luxury travelers.

A historic bell tower in Tuscany.

Traveling through Tuscany is a rich and varied experience. Travelers go from the bustling tourist-filled Florence, to the quiet hill towns spotted across the region. In Florence you will find Gothic architecture, canonical works of art, and a lively nightlife. This vibrant city is absolutely filled with architectural marvels. From the Duomo to the Palazzo Pitti, luxury travelers should make sure to book private tours for insider access. The Duomo is a soaring cathedral that was built in 1436, as a testament to Florence’s power and wealth. The city held a contest to find the perfect architect, and the winner, Arnolfo di Cambio, spent the rest of his life working on the marvelous building. You have to see the resplendent results for yourself. For artistic wonder, hit up the contrasting Palazzo Pitti, which was also built in the early 1400’s. The Palazzo Pitti houses rare and incredible works by Botticelli, Tintoretto, and Raphael. It was originally constructed as a personal castle for Luca Pitti, but proving to costly to upkeep, the family was forced to sell to their rival family, the Medicis. You can literally feel the history of this place, seeping through the bricks. Finally, visit Uffizzi Gallery. This museum houses, quite simply, the most impressive collection Renaissance art in the world. And it is not just the inside that is impressive. Visitors will be awed as they walk through massive archways into a palace that is breathtaking in its enormity and craftsmanship.

The mystical landscape of Tuscany.
After an art and architecture filled day, the city really comes alive at night. Travelers can relax on the banks of the River Arno with a cocktail at the Florence Rowing Club, or hit up Carabe, the best gelateria in Florence for some ice cream treats, only steps away from the Duomo.
The contrasting Tuscan countryside is a verdant land of vineyards, rolling green hills, and architectural piazzas. Tuscany’s olive groves, wine-soaked culture, and gorgeous green fields gave rise to The Renaissance, and will always have the romantic beauty of that time. Make sure to stop at the vineyards at the Tenuta dell’Ornellaia estate in the coastal region of Tuscany, as well as the leaning tower of Pisa, if nothing else than for the jaw-dropping picture.

The luscious vineyards of Tuscany. 

Aside from getting the sites and the delicious wine right, one crucial component of traveling through Tuscany is finding the right place to stay. Luxury travelers will find that hotels are particularly lacking in the Tuscan countryside, and may want to opt instead for a private villa rental. There are luxury vacation villas throughout Tuscany, many of which are located on gorgeous olive groves and vineyards. These rental estates offer travelers the comfort, privacy, and luxury that they desire while on holiday. More and more, celebrities and luxury travelers are opting for luxury vacation villas over hotels, out of a desire for an authentic Italian experience.
Tuscany is so wealthy in terms of culture, natural beauty, architecture, and food, that travelers will find it well worth their while to experience the region from the inside out. From Florence to the rustic countryside, fall in love with the country that inspired such incredible art, romance, and architecture, experienced in the most luxurious way possible.