A rare jewel in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic has the most diverse landscape of any other island. Ravishing beaches, mystical mountains, beautiful rainforests, quiet deserts, and savannah are mixed in with imposing five hundred year old Spanish colonial architecture and sleepy villages. From the Caribbean’s tallest mountain, Pico Duarte, to the luscious golf courses, the Dominican Republic is a land full of surprises. The Dominican Republic is also renowned for its inviting and welcoming culture. Visit colmados (corner store/bars) nestled in the mountainside and join the warm locals. Dominicans know how to party, in a laid back Caribbean way. Enjoy numerous carnivals throughout the year, with each town having a totally unique celebration. Gain an insight into Dominican culture by staying in your own luxury villa rental so that you can be at the heart of the eternal fiesta.

The ravishing beaches of the Dominican Republic. 

The coastline of the Dominican Republic is just as diverse. Over hundreds of miles you will see pristine palm-fringed white sand beaches, next to tempestuous rocky cliffs, sandy dunes, or magical mango groves on the borders of lagoons. Every now and again stumble upon a charming fishing village, with colorful moored boats, or a luxury tourist playground. Look out over aquamarine vistas where you can hardly tell where the sea meets the sky. The coves and bays that were once the haunt of pirates now shelter masses of migrating whales. Catch a rare glimpse of a humpback tail breaching the surface of the water by chartering a boat.
You can also use your luxury yacht to take you to the most stunning and most private beaches on Catalinita Island, accessible only by boat. Catalinita, also known as the “island of a million shells” is one of the best places in the world for beach combing. Discover conch shells and starfish strewn across countless miles of uninhabited ethereal beaches. Once you are done strolling around taking in the tropical ambience, get up close and personal with the landscape; literally jump right into the azure waters. Catalinita offers some unbelievable snorkelling on its coral reef sites. Float past colorful fish and corals as the ocean rocks away your worries. The Saona Island is a protected nature reserve, and a very popular tourist destination. Travellers flood there on yachts, catamarans and motorboats to experience the famous beauty of the beach. This beach is used in film shoots as the stereotypical ‘desert island’ setting. It will take your breath away.

A beautiful cascading waterfall in Los Tres Ojos National Park.

To see the wealth of natural beauty of the Dominican Republic you have to see what the entire island has to offer, including its lush rainforest interior. Visit the Los Tres Ojos National Park for its incredible three open-air limestone caves. As you travel down steep staircases to view the beauty underground, the dramatic stalactites and stalagmites will awe you. If you find that being underground is your thing, then you have to try one of the Dominican Republic’s hottest nightclubs, Guacara Taina. Located fifteen meters below ground inside a cave, this unique club can hold up to two thousand people. It really is a dance floor unlike any other.

See the colorful houses of the locals.

And that is not all that awaits you in the lively city of Santo Domingo. To experience the Spanish colonial history of the Dominican Republic, make sure that you take a guided city tour. It is the only way to catch all the sights; such as the Capilla de la Tercera Orden Dominicana, with its intricate baroque façade or the Convento de la Orden de los Predicadores, the first convent in the new world. Go inside to see the carved stone zodiac wheel. See the grandiose Catedral Primada de America for its baroque architecture and exciting history as the headquarters of the legendary pirate Drake during his attack on the city. Watch the world go by at the Parque Colon, one of the city’s main hubs that has an impressive statue of Christopher Columbus at the center. Buy souvenirs here from the local vendors and peruse the fantastic restaurants. Stroll around the historic neighbourhood Zona Colonial and get lost on the oldest paved road in the Americas, Calle de Las Dammas. Stay in the Zona Colonial to experience a trip back in time. Enjoy Spanish style homes around quaint town squares, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Whether you are looking for your typical tropical paradise, or something with a little more history and character, the Dominican Republic is just the luxury Caribbean destination for you. You will be swept away by the diversity of this culturally rich island.