This renowned Mexican resort city has for years been the go-to luxury holiday spot for affluent travelers. And it’s no wonder, considering the endless water activities, miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches, and incredible whale watching.Though Cabo is renowned throughout the world as the number one Spring Break destination, it has far more to offer than college parties. The resort city is practically filled to the brim with natural wonders, incredible local food, and luxury activities.

 The stunning palm fringed beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

Experience Cabo’s Natural Beauty
One of the most beautiful specimens of nature that Cabo has to offer is called Lands End, a rocky outcropping where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortes meet. At this tip, a natural arc has formed, aptly named “El Arco.” Travelers can kayak around the arc, lounge on the beach and use it as a picturesque background, or even swim out to it. Whatever you decide to use this sea cliff archway for, it’s certainly worth a visit.
Cabo is also home to Playa del Amor, or, Lover’s Beach. Located near Lands End, this popular spot has exceptionally clear water, and is a popular snorkeling destination. And if this beach disappoints, just a five-minute walk away lies Divorce Beach- a tongue-in-cheek name that was chosen because of the rip currents and rough waves that hit the sand.

The golden sands of Cabo San Lucas' gorgeous beaches.

Aside from the breathtaking beach scenery, Cabo also offers incredible ocean wildlife. In particular, whale watching. There are numerous whale-watching tours (public and private), but the experience that we recommend is Cabo Expeditions. This 13-year old company provides dynamic, varied tours, from swimming with whale sharks, to a “whale concert” in which whale watchers can listen to the haunting underwater sounds of humpback whales, to, for those who are more inclined to stay on land, a city tour that includes tequila tasting and a submarine ride.
Cabo also hosts spirited fishing tournaments between June and November. The tournaments are geared towards an affluent clientele, costing anywhere from several hundred to $60,000 to enter. The tournaments are, in addition to being opportunities to participate in the world’s best fishing, also great places to socialize. Many, if not all, of the tournaments are accompanied by concerts, incredible food, and lively entertainment.

Take a hot air balloon ride over Cabo San Lucas. 

Step Out of the Submarine Into Cabo’s Famous Nightlife
After a day of beach lounging, snorkeling, and whale watching, what better way to unwind than in Cabo’s most vibrant lounges, bars, and clubs?
Navigating the nightlife can be somewhat overwhelming. With countless bars, pub-crawl services, and clubs, it can be hard to find the one that fits your mood. We recommend the VIP club, Pink Kitty. With international DJ’s, exclusive service, and some of the best tequila you will ever find, this club is known for its high-end clientele (and its gorgeous female servers).

The beautiful villas of Cabo San Lucas. 

Another phenomenal nightlife spot is Agua Bar. Featuring a large, classy terrace, an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, and an incredible and attentive staff, this bar is a favorite spot for luxury travelers who want to enjoy a mojito (or five) late into the night.
Other notable nightlife spots include Baja Brewing Company and El Squid Roe- both very different, but incredibly animated and lively drinking destinations. Travelers staying in villa communities and resorts will also notice that Cabo homeowners enjoy throwing elaborate parties on their beachfront properties.

The dramatic coastline of Cabo San Lucas. 

Enjoy Privacy and Luxury
Celebrities and luxury travelers find Cabo a convenient place to vacation due to its wealth of private rental villas, and the discrete staff that come along with them. There are numerous communities of gorgeous villas that overlook oceans filled with frolicking dolphins, and include every service and amenity that a vacationer could want.

Take a swim in the sparkling turquoise waters of Cabo San Lucas. 

Because Cabo San Lucas has served high-end travelers for years, there’s no shortage of spa services, private chefs, and beachside luxury rental villas. The residents of Cabo have years of experience catering to the world’s most affluent travelers, and it shows in the incredible offerings that vacationers are sure to encounter.