Maui is undoubtedly a place for adventure, but you won’t be out there chasing humpback whales all day. Some good old-fashioned entertainment is just the thing you need to relax and unwind after a day of outdoor activities. Maui has a number of amazing can’t-miss dinner theater experiences. The best luau in Maui options are outlined below.

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show
Image Credits @Warren And Annabelle's

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic

Located on Front Street in Lahaina, Warren & Annabelle’s Magic serves the perfect combination of food and entertainment, with perhaps the entertainment bit coming in first.

Warren, one of the performers, is genuinely hilarious and talented, and will keep you entertained for the full duration of the show. His slight-of-hand is impeccable, and makes you believe that he really is performing magic. The performers at this show are funny, and you’ll likely spend a couple of hours laughing relentlessly while enjoying the magic tricks.

For an extra $45 on top of the show tickets, you’ll get appetizers, drinks, and dessert. The appetizers and drinks are served immediately upon arrival. One thing to note is that the temperature here can get cold so it’s advisable to bring some cover.

The show and food are a little pricey, but the talent and personality of the performers guarantees that you’ll have an enjoyable time here. A definite must-do.

Old Lahaina Luau
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Old Lahaina Luau

Old Lahaina Luau is advertised as the oldest and best luau in Maui (and quite possibly in all of Hawaii). It’s not your typical luau experience, but it remains a must-see.

The entertainment doesn’t include the usual affair of fire-dancers, Hawaiian bands or Don Ho wannabes. What you get is a historical presentation of the hula and dance culture dating back to the earliest times. It’s very well recreated, and the Hawaiian chanting gives it an authentic feel.

There are options for standard or premium seating. Premium seating gets you pretty much to the front as you’ll be seated around the stage. You also get pillows instead of chairs, which you must consider beforehand if you’re unable to cross your legs. Be sure to call in advance because if you reserve early enough you will get premium seating anyway.

The food includes a mix of safe (chicken, fruit and salad) and ‘experimental’ (taro, poke, and even octopus) items, making it great for children and adults alike.

Na Lio Maui
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Na Lio Maui

Na Lio Maui offers a top-notch unique Maui luau experience with its retelling of the story of Na Lio and Paniolo.

The dances and horses (with Hawaiian cowboys!) are absolutely beautiful to witness. The purpose of the presentation is to show the history of horses on the island, how they came and how eventually, they served an important purpose for the people of Hawaii.

The barbeque dinner is very good, and you’ll be served with decent-sized portions. The meal is served with water and juice, but you’re welcome to bring any drinks you might want to have. If you’re looking for something different when it comes to live entertainment, Na Lio Maui simply cannot be missed.

Maui offers much more than the usual hiking and underwater adventures you have heard about, and its dinner theaters provide much-needed moments of lighthearted fun after a day spent interacting with the natural beauty of the island. Book one of our beautiful Maui villas today to make sure you start your Hawaiian vacation on the right note.