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64 Villas found
Villa Caribbean Wind
from $ 6500 / nt
12 6 6
A Villa on the Beach
from $ 6200 / nt
8 4 4
Villa Sea Fans
from $ 6200 / nt
8 4 4
Villa Adagio
from $ 2500 / nt
10 5 6
Villa Loblolly
from $ 3400 / nt
12 6 6
Bella Beach Villa
from $ 9625 / nt
12 6 7
On The Rocks Villa
from $ 7500 / nt
8 4 4
Aquamare 3
from $ 2671 / nt
12 5 7
Aquamare Estate
from $ 2671 / nt
36 15 20
Aquamare 1
from $ 2671 / nt
12 5 7
Aquamare 2
from $ 2671 / nt
12 5 7
Anniversary House Villa
from $ 3600 / nt
8 4 4
Little Dix Bay Villa - 3br
from $ 3300 / nt
6 3 4
Drake's View 3 BR Villa
from $ 3500 / nt
6 3 3
Drake's View 2 BR Villa
from $ 2975 / nt
4 2 2
Villa Euphoria
from $ 3300 / nt
8 4 3
Little Dix Bay Villa - 2br
from $ 3190 / nt
4 2 2
Casey Bay
from $ 2695 / nt
8 4 5

Virgin Gorda

Explore Luxury Vacation Rentals & Private Villas In Virgin Gorda

Welcome to Virgin Gorda, the British overseas territory’s third-largest island and a truly unique and sophisticated Caribbean vacation destination. Located east of Tortola, this other British Virgin Island is renowned for enchanting natural wonders, yachting heritage, upscale resorts, and luxurious vacation rentals. So iconic is Virgin Gorda’s beauty, several celebrities have chosen to call the island home. Affluent travelers flock to oceanfront luxury villa rentals to uncover this coveted version of paradise. Virgin Gorda remains far less crowded than other British Virgin Islands vacation destinations but replete with treasured beaches and otherworldly topography. Newlyweds delight in a Virgin Gorda honeymoon, where romantic scenery abounds just outside beachfront private vacation homes. Well-off travelers find refuge from fast-paced daily life, trading in days of work for a stay in luxury villa rentals that offer the chance to live on island time. And nature enthusiasts can find spectacular wonders that span beaches, sea waters, and an incredible inland terrain.

Discover and Enjoy Five Star Experiences In Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda started appearing on luxury travelers’ radars beginning around the 1960s. Over the decades, however, it has remained protected from the overt commercialization that has popularized other Caribbean vacation destinations. This makes the island a cherished place for affluent travelers seeking peace and serenity, where unspoiled shorelines remain rich with natural splendor, and untouched landscapes promote a sublime setting.

Affluent travelers bask in leisurely days on gorgeous white-sand beaches, melting into a vast expanse of shimmering turquoise sea. In addition to discriminating tourists, the landscapes and seascapes are likewise adored by the billionaires who own some of Virgin Gorda’s offshore islets. In fact, it was Laurance Rockefeller, scion of New York’s wealthy Rockefeller family, who established the first of many luxury Caribbean resorts during the 1960s. Today, well-off visitors can launch days in numerous upscale resorts, luxury villa rentals, and extravagant spas, indulging in a quintessential Virgin Gorda vacation experience.

Virgin Gorda’s bountiful natural wonders are largely responsible for its iconic beauty and cherished reputation. Gorda Peak – the island’s highest point – features cherished dry forest land that overlooks a tremendous vista of the turquoise sea. The Baths are perhaps the most iconic natural wonder found on idyllic Virgin Gorda, where the unusual formation of volcanic granite boulders, tide pools, and grottoes that extend into ocean waters. So majestic are the Baths, travel guides and tourists alike consider it the preeminent British Virgin Islands experience. Meanwhile, Virgin Gorda’s national parks combine resplendent natural beauty with island history. Tourists visit the Copper Mine, which features the ruins of a copper factory that dates back to the nineteenth century. Similarly, the Little Fort National Park is located on the site of an old Spanish fortress. It is now a nature sanctuary, but the remains of old masonry walls can still be found nearby.

For a taste of local life, head to Spanish Town, the archipelago’s second-largest community. Originally a settlement of Cornish miners, the community has become reputed as a central hub for Virgin Gorda’s yachting and fishing culture. At the center of Spanish Town is the Yacht Harbor Marina, which offers world-class bareboat sailing activities. Travelers renting Virgin Gorda’s private vacation homes in March enjoy Spanish Town’s esteemed fishing and seafood festival - the Fisherman’s Jamboree. This bountiful feast celebrates a substantial island industry. But at any time of year, affluent travelers will taste the plumpest seafood imaginable in upscale restaurants, attracting guests to trade meals at home in their luxury villa rentals for a night of extravagant indulgence in fine dining establishments.

The North Sound is another coveted Virgin Gorda vacation destination, where leisurely strolls down white sand beaches are complemented by shimmering ocean waters traversed by luxury yachts. The North Sound remains an ideal location for discerning travelers looking to launch aquatic daytime activities or enjoy close proximity to brilliant hiking trails at Gorda Peak. And those who rent North Sound’s oceanfront private vacation homes will find their abodes just a stone’s throw away from colorful beach bars, augmenting the experience of relaxed and authentic island living.

Laid-back charm, upscale establishments, and dazzling natural beauty remain staples of any Virgin Gorda vacation experience. Whether you choose oceanfront luxury villa rentals overlooking glistening white sand beaches, or the beautiful private vacation homes nearby Spanish Town for authentic island living, this famed Caribbean vacation destination will inspire any visitor with resplendent paradise. Choose from Villaway’s luxury villa rentals on Virgin Gorda today, and start preparing for a luxury British Virgin Islands vacation experience. Rent a vacation home today, where a dream Caribbean holiday awaits you.