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St Kitts and Nevis

Explore Luxury Vacation Rentals & Private Villas In Saint Kitts and Nevis

Affluent travelers seeking a two-fold Caribbean vacation experience head straight to iconic Saint Kitts and Nevis, where charming island vibes come in a variety of flavor. Whether taking the entire family on a U.S. Virgin Islands holiday spent in Saint Kitts’ luxury villa rentals or traveling on a romantic honeymoon in Nevis’ oceanfront private vacation homes, the two island nations sit at the intersection of unspoiled scenery and authentic Caribbean charm.  

As the smaller and quieter island, Nevis epitomizes a tranquil Caribbean holiday. Turquoise sea waters ebb gently onto golden sand beaches, with oceanfront luxury villa rentals offering a prime setting for affluent vacationers seeking paradise. The bucolic charm of Nevis extends past the upscale beaches to its quaint capital, Charlestown, whose population stands at just over 1,500 people. As the birthplace of United States President Alexander Hamilton and a former plantation-based economy that thrived during the British Empire’s rule, Nevis is a prime Caribbean vacation destination for history buffs looking to unearth the island’s stories past. Today, the island features four restored plantation inns that serve some of the fifty thousand tourists that visit Nevis every year. And although Nevis is home to a five-star hotel and to several smaller boutique accommodations, the island remains largely undeveloped, further accentuating the bounty of unspoiled natural beauty and lush terrain for which it is renowned. To optimize the tranquility found on Nevis, affluent travelers launch vacations in its luxury villa rentals for maximum privacy and serenity.

Discover and Enjoy Five Star Experiences In Saint Kitts and Nevis

Today, many travelers view Nevis as a low-key alterative to celebrated Caribbean vacation destinations, such as world-famous Saint Barts. Here they can enjoy idyllic swims in Pinney Beach, Oualie Bay, and Cades Bay, as well as windsurfing and deep-sea fishing, among other aquatic daytime activities. Oceanfront private vacation homes attract well-off vacationers traveling to Nevis, providing ideal launch pads for days spent sun bathing on upscale beaches and swimming in blue-green sea. Head inland to explore Nevis’ lush terrain through biking tours, hiking excursions, or bird-watching adventure – other popular daytime activities for nature lovers touring Nevis.   

Saint Kitts is larger than Nevis, and its animated beach atmosphere attracts a heavier stream of tourists. Still, this coveted Caribbean vacation destination appeals to affluent travelers wary of more congested U.S. Virgin Islands. Colorful beach scenes allure sun-worshippers alternating between rum-based cocktails and tanning sessions, while oceanfront luxury villa rentals provide hours of poolside lounging amidst the stunning sea views. Many tourists spend their Saint Kitts vacation in upscale resorts, launching a week of extravagant waterfront living. But visitors who are eager for serenity head to exclusive and oceanfront private vacation homes – ideal for a quieter Caribbean holiday. These private villa rentals feature the best of both worlds: plush accommodations and luxurious amenities meet convenient proximity to main Saint Kitts attractions.

Contrary to Nevis’ charming Charlestown, Saint Kitt’s capital of Basseterre enjoys an energized pulse – showcasing colorful beaches, commercial shopping, and cultural charm. A small yet populated downtown area allures travelers hunting for swanky souvenirs and duty-free shopping, before winding down with an al fresco cocktail at a Basseterre bar. Head to Independence Square, where an Italian-inspired fountain enhances the city’s charm, tour the National Museum for a taste of island history, or spend a day meandering through the enchanting streets that diverge from the Circus Traffic Circle. Many travelers choose luxury villa rentals nearby Basseterre, drawn by its cultural attractions, architectural treasures, duty-free shopping, and historic charm.

Just three miles from Basseterre is beautiful Frigate Bay, which accesses both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Surfers seeking invigorating breaks visit the Atlantic side of Frigate Bay, while the placid Caribbean waters are perfect for tranquil swims. Meanwhile, affluent travelers looking for upscale dining enjoy the slew of restaurants found on Zenway Boulevard, while nightlife enthusiasts relish “The Strip” for its colorful and animated beach bar scene. With upscale beaches, aquatic daytime activities, and a funky island nightlife, Frigate Bay attracts a slew of travelers to its oceanfront luxury villa rentals – where sea vistas maximize the quintessential Caribbean vacation experience.  

A day trip to whimsical Northern Saint Kitts reveals the island’s rural beauty, where undeveloped land features ancient sugarcane fields that roll into grassy hills and the dormant volcano of Mt. Liamuiga. Tourists can opt to venture to Northern Saint Kitts on an independent adventure, or take the Saint Kitt’s Scenic Railway – a coveted daytime activity for both historic and nature-based exploration. The picturesque beauty of Saint Kitts’ countryside draws well-off travelers to leave the comfort of their oceanfront luxury villa rentals in exchange for a day in Northern Saint Kitts. Those seeking historic and culture daytime activities prioritize a trip to Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park –  a landmark so significant it has earned a spot as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For a luxury vacation experience in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Take the road less traveled to idyllic Saint Kitts or its sister island Nevis.  Pristine beaches and aquatic daytime activities converge with rural adventures and authentic island charm- a wonderful alternative for a quieter Caribbean holiday. Whether you choose the oceanfront private vacation homes on Nevis’ golden sand beaches, or the luxury villa rentals located nearby Basseterre’s cultured scenes, you are assured a paradise retreat to these sister islands.  Book one of Villaway’s luxury villa rentals today and start preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean vacation experience.