Malibu Villas & Luxury Vacation Rentals

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16 Villas found
Celebrity Malibu Mansion
from $ 6500 / nt
14 7 10
Malibu Oceanfront Villa
from $ 1495 / nt
6 3 4
Malibu Oceanfront Escape
from $ 5200 / nt
10 4 6
Malibu Beach Estate
from $ 6250 / nt
12 7 8
Malibu Celebrity Villa
from $ 4560 / nt
12 6 4
Villa Sogno
from $ 6000 / nt
12 6 10
Stone House
from $ 4195 / nt
10 4 4
Malibu Beach Chateau
from $ 2000 / nt
12 5 5
Malibu Luxury View Villa
from $ 3950 / nt
8 4 4
Malibu Beach Villa
from $ 3250 / nt
10 5 4
Malibu Spanish Villa
from $ 2195 / nt
8 4 4
Malibu Vineyard Villa
from $ 2049 / nt
12 4 4
Malibu Beachfront Escape
from $ 995 / nt
4 2 2
Malibu Poolside Retreat
from $ 1095 / nt
8 4 3
Malibu Beach Modern Escape
from $ 1300 / nt
7 3 3
Modern Colony
from $ 4000 / nt
6 3 4


Malibu Villas & Luxury Vacation Rentals

For many of those who daydream about living a laid-back oceanfront lifestyle, Malibu immediately comes to mind. This famous Los Angeles vacation destination conjures up images of luxury beachfront villas, bikini-clad beachgoers congregating on Pacific Coast shorelines, and sun-kissed surfers with their boards tucked under their arms.

Affluent travelers seeking the ultimate holiday experience in LA often opt to rent private vacation homes in Malibu, where extravagant amenities and upmarket accommodations underscore this California beach town’s affinity for high-end living. Whether hosting a business retreat, family vacation, or anniversary celebration, there is a wide array of extravagant Malibu villas to complement a SoCal holiday. 

Luxury Vacation Rentals In Malibu

Affectionately called “the ‘Bu” by locals, this prosperous beach town is home to over thirteen thousand people. This twenty-one-mile slice of coastal California is unlike any other place in the world. Here, A-list Hollywood celebrities, star athletes, surfers, and affluent travelers converge, all allured by one universally beloved factor; the Pacific Ocean’s arresting beauty. Whether you’re planning to catch the perfect wave, enjoy a great night out with friends, or simply enjoy a fun trip with the family, you’re bound to discover a Malibu attraction that will make your stay truly unforgettable.

Malibu enjoys a renowned reputation as a surfing mecca, evidenced by world-class waves at Surfrider Beach. Located near the beautiful Malibu Pier, Surfrider Beach has been popular among avid surfers since the 1960s and was designated a World Surfing Reserve in 2010. Many choose to book Malibu villas nearby its famous breaks, where oceanfront private vacation homes invite guests to wake up and walk to ocean adventures beneath a soft morning sun.  

Other popular Malibu beaches include the family-friendly Zuma Beach, the posh Carbon Beach, and an impossibly scenic stretch of coastline from El Matador to Lechuza Beach, which boasts scenic overlooks of majestic sea cliffs and distinctive rock formations. Meanwhile, Point Dume is a premiere Malibu vacation destination to view the gray whales that pass through their migration route every winter.

But this SoCal vacation destination offers more than just ocean adventure and aquatic daytime activities. Nature enthusiasts who are headed inland can visit the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which offers incredible hiking trails for visitors who wish to enjoy Malibu’s verdant hills and renowned canyons.

In addition to a plethora of outdoor daytime activities, Malibu’s reputation for luxury precedes itself. Affluent travelers often book Malibu luxury vacation rentals to remain close to upmarket boutiques and shopping centers. Spend an afternoon visiting the esteemed Malibu Country Mart and the renowned Malibu Lumber Yard, two very popular upscale shopping districts where celebrity sightings are not uncommon.

After a day of perusing storefronts, the culinary scene here is sure to delight the most sophisticated palette. The Malibu Pier offers some laid-back oceanfront dining experiences, where fresh-caught seafood is accompanied by vistas of the surfers in action at iconic Surfrider Beach.

Planning a visit to Los Angeles? We offer a quintessential collection of exclusive Malibu villas to any traveler seeking coastal beauty and beach living in Southern California. Check out our luxury vacation rentals in Malibu with all the amenities you may need. A world-class Malibu holiday awaits you.