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There’s a certain magic to visiting Bonaire. From its tranquil environs and mild climate to its friendly populace and world-class diving destinations, there are numerous reasons why this small island is so renowned for luxury vacations.

Along with Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bonaire is part of the Caribbean Netherlands, which is under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Located off the coast of Venezuela, the island was initially inhabited by the Caquetio Indians before being claimed by the Spanish, the Dutch, and the British during the Age of Discovery. Today, Dutch is still the official language of the island, and the colonial legacy of the Netherlands remains evident in the smattering of mustard and saffron-colored colonial-era buildings that punctuate the cityscape of its capital, Kralendijk.

Bonaire is widely regarded as a consummate example of a Caribbean destination, featuring many luxury beach resorts along its shores. Lying outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt, it is blessed by a perennial balmy climate that remains all year round. Because of the arid climate condition and the fact that the island is largely coral in composition, its shorelines also remain relatively free from soil runoff, resulting in crystal-clear waters. These shorelines are a big draw for visitors, who fly in from all over the world to get a glimpse of the island’s spectacular marine flora and fauna. Thus, Bonaire is frequently designated as one of the best shore diving destinations in the world.

Whether you prefer an exciting luxury vacation or a quiet and peaceful getaway, you will find a true sense of paradise on this island. Even before the development of its diving industry, Bonaire has been known for its tranquility. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the countryside. The road east from Kralendijk to Lac Bay is popular among cyclists who want to see mangroves and flamingoes. The road north of the town, on the other hand, is the one to take for spectacular views of the inland lake Gotomeer or if you want to visit the sleepy village of Rincon. Over five centuries old, the town celebrates a harvest festival known as Simadan every spring. Be sure to catch it if you want to get a taste of the island’s indigenous food and music.

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