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Villa Mirage
from $ 4150 / nt
9 5 5
Villa el Cid
from $ 1813 / nt
20 10 10
Villa el Cano
from $ 1795 / nt
20 10 11
Gran Villa San Pietro
from $ 1891 / nt
18 7 8
La Casona
from $ 2160 / nt
10 6 8
Gran Hacienda Florentina
from $ 1585 / nt
16 6 8
Casa San Bernardo
from $ 1264 / nt
14 6 7
Spanish Oasis
from $ 1831 / nt
18 9 11
The Lodge Ronda
from $ 1005 / nt
14 7 8


Explore Luxury Vacation Homes & Private Villa Rentals In Andalusia

There are few places that offer a better foundation from which to launch a luxury vacation than the lush fields and rolling hills of Andalusia. From Costa Del Sol’s famous beaches, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the ancient cities unweaving tales of Spain’s history, Andalusia attracts hordes of tourists to explore its riches every year. With private villas as beautiful as the Spanish surroundings, this region of Spain attracts a wealth of discriminating travelers each year. The region is replete with natural beauty and distinctive cultural heritage, offering a world of interest and daytime activities to adventurous globe trekkers, Spanish culture and history aficionados, and nature enthusiasts. Here, fearless Matadors and agile flamenco dancers carry themselves with equal parts grace and frenzied passion. This is the place where communities come together to celebrate traditional festivals in full fervor and pageantry. Imagine spending an afternoon touring Grenada’s monumental Alhambra, unearthing a long tale of Andalusian history while exploring its awe-striking Moorish architecture and stunning courtyards. Or spend an inspiring day touring Seville’s cathedral, before returning to your luxury Andalusia vacation home.

Discover Luxury Experiences In Andalusia

Seville, the capital and quintessential Andalusian city, exudes a romantic air - cobbled streets, elegant plazas, and eclectic architectural styles converge to create a prime setting for a vacation in Spain. This can make for a uniquely enriching luxury vacation. Seville Cathedral – a significant Andalusia monument and the world’s grandest Gothic church- was originally built to demonstrate Seville’s wealth. Meanwhile, the beautiful Alcazar of Seville is regarded as an astounding example of Mudèjar or Islamic architecture. And with a wide breadth of luxury villa rentals, the distinctive architectural designs of Seville’s buildings extend to its classic residences, private vacation homes, and Spanish villas for rent. The culture of Seville showcases a joyous and animated spirit throughout the year, but if you are looking to rent a luxury villa rental here, a trip during the spring is the best time to plan daytime activities centered around Seville’s joie-de-vivre. As the coveted spring season arrives, the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms tantalizes the senses, and the Seville Fair’s substantial size incites an invigorating and lively atmosphere. Visitors will delight in experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime event, indulging in gastronomical delights, witnessing the prolific dancers ignite the streets, and staying up to dusk over rounds of drinks and conviviality. After a day of adventure, return your luxury Seville vacation home or private villa rental to continue the festivities found across Seville.

The cities of Cordoba and Granada, which served as important seats of power at the height and decline of Moorish rule, feature grand palaces and magnificent strongholds that have since been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For travelers to Europe looking for a unique cultural vantage point, a visit to Granada is a must. Perhaps best known for hosting The Alhambra, this world-famous fortress features palatial aesthetics, underlining the quintessence of traditional Islamic architecture. And outside of this World Heritage Site, it’s easy to launch hours of daytimes activities in Grenada. Filled with restaurants that offer hookah bars and storefronts brimming with plush rugs and colorful accents that underline the aesthetics associated with Arab culture, this city provides a unique taste of Andalusia’s diverse culture. Situated in Sierra Nevada Mountain’s majestic foothills, Grenada’s whimsical natural beauty awes and inspires every tourist on a vacation to Andalusia. Meanwhile, Costa Del Sol’s beaches will delight travelers looking for sandy shorelines and sparkling sea waters.

For a weekend getaway in Andalusia, head to a luxury Cordoba villa rental or vacation home. This Andalusian city pays homage to a harmonious time in Spain’s history, with several different religions peacefully existing side by side. The renowned Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba evidences this harmony while offering picturesque and awe-inspiring scenery – a great Andalusian daytime activity for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts alike. For Cordoba tourists traveling during the first two weeks of May, the delightful Festival of the Patios is a worthwhile treat for the senses. Step out of your luxury villa rentals to tour the vibrant flowers that line neighboring homes’ patios, brimming in fresh fragrance and a variety of colors in a friendly Cordoba competition.

Jerez de la Frontera, on the other hand, carries a refined ambiance and serves as a bastion of flamenco dancing and an evocative style of traditional songs called cante jondo, as well as hosting its own collection of lovely mansions and courtyards. Each of Andalusia’s cities is abounding in a long list of exciting events, breathtaking views, and convenient luxury rentals and vacation homes, encouraging that discerning visitors experiences an unforgettable retreat to Spain.

In addition to its man-made attractions, Andalusia boasts mountain ranges, river systems, a variety of flora and fauna, and unique ecosystems, many of which have been given protected status. All in all, Andalusia features nine Biosphere Reserves, twenty Ramsar wetland sites, two UNESCO Geoparks, and four Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance, comprising an impressive twenty percent of Andalusia’s total territory. The best way to experience the rich beauty of this region is from the vantage point of a luxury villa rental – a prime and private spot to enjoy the stunning Andalusia surroundings.

Whether you are traveling to Andalusia to explore the Moorish architecture, to discover the magic of Seville, or exploring Costa del Sol’s beaches, a host of daytime activities accompanies your vacation. The rich Spanish history, amazing atmosphere, and unforgettable sights of Andalusia, Spain will astound any vacationer. For a once-in-a-lifetime retreat filled with incredible experiences and amazing adventures, rent a vacation home from Villaway’s list of luxury villa rentals in Spain today.